Ranulph Fiennes Fails to Climb Everest

All I want to say is that I have no idea how this bloke keeps going in the first place.

An example to all and the very best of British. 64 years old and going on like a 24 year old!

You have to admire any bloke that cuts his own fingers off because the surgeon wanted to wait and he didn't!

I'll lay odds that he'll be back for another crack at the mountain soon and good luck to him!

So near and yet so far eh.. Bugger! If it was easy he wouldn't bother with it and he does now live to fight (push himself) another day, Inspirational man that he is. Now get thee home to your missus and sprog and get that creaking body of yours well rested up for a bit. Good effort that man.
The man puts the Great back into Great Britain.
Take a break old fella, we dont want to lose you yet.
Good effort, Im just over half his age and I ain't got the balls to even set off, hats off Sir.
What a man. Makes me think I am all feminine and fluffy by comparison. Such a shame he never made it to the top. That would have been bloody incredible, mind you to even attempt it at his age is admirable in the extreme.


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I'm sorry to hear he didn't make it.

Lay up for a bit now you lunatic! :-0
When I grow up that's the type of man I want to be.

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