Ranulph Feinnes on Daily Politics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. Ranulph Feinnes has just done a piece in support of the Armed Forces, decrying such things as the recent hospital debacle.

    He also said much that I have done on these pages - note His WMD observations.

    He can be watched again here in a couple of hours
  2. If he is as opinionated as you Sven I'll give it a miss thanks!
  3. Are you and Sir Ranulph the same person Sven?
  4. He spoke well, not as 'in your face' as I tend to be
  5. I'm not so stupid as to go wandering about the great white cold on my own :D
  6. Ranulph Feinnes?

    Well I like him in Harry Potter but he really should stick to acting rather than getting involved in politics.
  7. That's Ralph Fiennes, as I'm sure you know. :wink: And wasn't Ranulph one of THEM (TA) or have I been boozing too much again?
  8. Yes... he played Voldermort... come on Sven... everyone knows THAT....

  9. Far too much - He said he was in a Scottish tank regiment, then seconded to the Saudis to help them fight the commies
  10. Was one of something. It's what he based lots of his books on - semi-fiction I think he calls most of his work.

    Apparently not too popular at Hereford any more after suggesting that lots of the old boys who died deaths of a non-clandestine nature ie accidents, etc were in fact offed by a secret sect seeking revenge for Aden/Oman things, as written by Feinnes in "Feather Men".

    Strange bloke by all accounts, but speaks a good game in defence of armed forces more often than not. Mind you, so does Jeremy Clarkson, but it doesn't mean anyone listens....
  11. I tought it was just more 'sound-bite' reporting. There was no opportunity to go into any detail about the problems faced by HM armed forces.

    That is certainly not a criticism of RP, but of the BBC. I do hope it adds to a growing public awareness, but i am not going to hold my breath.

  12. RT-W-F is v. good news. :lol:

    But he was always far too "lively" for the Army, even at Hereford. 8) Indeed, for some of his past and planned exploits, he is quite possibly clinically certifiable. But life would be far duller without him and the very few like him. :twisted:

    His spiel today was something we can all be grateful for; and I wish there were many more like him. :D
  13. Royal Scots Greys, then 22 SAS, then Sultan of Omans Army. Don't think he was ever TA though.

    Top notch nutcase though.
  14. He cut off a frost bitten digit with a hacksaw in his shed!