Rantings of an Independent reader..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Technocratic_Turbine, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Independent article

    A comment by a 'Vagantes' on an Independent article (fourth posting down)
  2. He's obviously a wannabe camel jockey queer who needs bitch slapping, glad he gets upset by reading ARRSE though.

    'Citizens of the World' the w*nker has obviously not tried to enter his black and brown 'brothers' Countries without a passport.
  3. The article is 18 months old, why drag it up now??
  4. Why to attack the unbelievers of course! They would do the same to us, stop thinking about it and pile in...
  5. Never mind that post how about this from 'ChristopherWalken':

    Everything is clear here. Iraq war is fought as a revenge for 9/11. As soon as we start calling things thier names, it will be better for all. It is clear that US and UK soldiers see the mission as getting even for 9/11. In their minds they are fighting a religious war against infidels.

    The first I have heard that your average Brit squaddie thought lets get even for the septics!
  6. Well the subject matter (Iraq) is still resonant, plus he/she made a comment about arrse forum users, whom I believe may have an interest/amusement in reading. Whether it's 18 months or 18 weeks is irrelevant in my view.
  7. Fuck him - and the Camel he came into town on :twisted:
  8. He forgot Gwar hating!!!! :twisted: :D
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    That's not very inclusive is it? Gwars are a very important part of the 'hating' that goes on on ARRSE, and they don't even get a mention by 'citizens of the world'. I'd say that's Gwarist!
  10. And the hate shown to window lickers 8O
  11. Could someone not get him in touch with ARRSE and this thread to point out the fact that he is indeed Gwarist & Windowlickerist, and what about fat womanist.

    He missed so many things
  12. and the hatred of all things manchester united must not be forgotten as well. cant mention the gwars and not mention the scum
  13. I feel ashamed for having forgotten the window lickers as well. Hanging my head in shame as i type! :oops:
  14. Says it like it's a bad thing... throbber!
  15. Wha's like us?! :twisted: :D

    If we are p1ssing off Mongs like this, we are fulfilling our purpose on God's earth!