Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Awol, Jan 19, 2005.

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  1. Right ladies and gents, my turn....

    A couple of months ago I came across Arrse whilst trying to source a Grenadier's bearskin. It seemed a good idea to put my request under 'Classifieds' and see if any of you out there had one tucked away in the loft or rotting away in the garden shed. As you do, for the next few days I monitored the site to see if I had struck gold and as the days went by I was slowly drawn into posting. I posted on all sorts of subjects, but mainly current affairs because my time in uniform ended ten years ago and I was out of the loop on the army of today. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the site, the profanity and especially the humour.

    All well and good so far..... Gradually however, I started to pick up the odd comment, the odd reply that didn't quite fit. As a new boy I was aware that there was a witch hunt for this BB character, but I didn't know the details and I certainly wasn't sad enough to trawl through two years of posts to find out.

    Recently however it became apparent that my posts were being pretty well ignored and the comments becoming more obvious. Yesterday, bless him, Dui-Lai had the bottle to openly challenge me, bringing the whole thing to a head. (He also had the good grace to PM an apology shortly afterwards). To clear things up I PM'ed PTP and have spent two days jumping through hoops to prove who I am.

    I am Joe Normal, a genuine and legitimate member of this site. I have posted over 100 times in good faith and have tried to contribute in my own small way to Arrse. This is the point...The thing that REALLY p1sses me off is that for a lot of that time there has been a whispering campaign against me. Members have assumed that I was BB and have pretty well ignored my input. Had Dui-Lai not challenged me, I'd still be wasting my time. I understand that the mods have to be careful and security really is paramount. As people's lives are ultimately at stake I have absolutely no problem with that, especially given how devious the nutter has apparently been. Being mistaken for a mad middle-aged woman is a bit worrying though....

    My suggestion, given here in good faith as someone who has been a victim of this, is that if you all suspect someone of being an imposter, for gawd's sake challenge them. If they are genuine they will be able to prove it to the mods. If they can't, all the better. Genuine posters deserve that much. The irony here of course is that the Mad One could have been hit by a bus six months ago and be six feet under, but she has left you all with a legacy of paranoia that is a cancer within Arrse.

    Oh yes, in retrospect, certain things suddenly make more sense. For example, Chickenpunk, I assume that it was me a couple of days ago that you referred to as "clogging up the threads, trying to prove I was a bloke"? Didn't stop you accepting my twenty quid sponsorship did it? Cnut.

    Rant over guys, I feel better now.

    :D :D
  2. J_D

    J_D LE

    Ah i got suspected no worries, only 3 people said sorry and they turned out to be decent ones.

    I think the decent people on here stay quiet cus this site is over run by too many "wannabe" gobby sh1tes who think harsh words on a PC is "cool"

    Shame it ruins it for every1 else. Cus of this people don't take a liking cus apparently i'm full of crap. Yet people jump to conclusions and no one stopped to ask me, which shows people even on the net can be 2 faced!!

    I never caused an argument people traweled me out for it. I apologised for things that weren't my fault yet people still dig at you. No matter what you do immaturity will still get in the way for tw@ts.

    So you can gob at me if you wish or put me down cus i don't give two fcuks.

    Are peoples lifes so sad and dull they have to come on here to put people down?
  3. As a relative newbie myself I'd agree with a lot of what is above. Some pretty decent threads suddenly become personal attacks which don't always seem good humored, unless I am misreading them. A bit of banter is good fun but not when it destroys the thread. One of the COs set up a thread especially so you can go slag each other off!

    Anya - the lack of tolerence for PC is usually light hearted (I hope) but this is a site for mil/ex mil, and it (PC) is becoming a pain in the arrse within the military! :lol:
  4. One way of stopping Trolls, knobbers and the like is to ban (just like other established websites) new ARRSE accounts created using Hotmail, Yahoo or similar email addresses freely available on the net. Only legitimate ISP addresses should be allowed as these only give so many free email accounts.
  5. AWOL wrote

    Its all those tweed skirts you wear :twisted:

    i think you have proved yourself now (and stood up to the bullies).
  6. J_D

    J_D LE

    well it looks to me that warnings arn't given out or people arn't given the correct discipline to here. I take banter and like it but you can tell the difference between a laugh and a personal attack.

    People need to learn respect more
  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    People don't "learn" respect, you earn other peoples.
  8. anya, you are right but think about it. When you joined up, did the old and bold give you any respect straight away, or did you have to prove your competency and proffesionalism before they showed you respect?

    Works like that here as well. :lol:

    Just dont expect it straight away :?
  9. J_D

    J_D LE

    You gain respect by earing it and yes i did many a times and made alot of good mates through it. But respecting a person means not to personally attack them, like here.

    Banter yeah but personal indecent digs, thats way off the mark
  10. Lost yer teddy Anya?

    To be fair, most of the stick you've received has not been content-oriented; it has instead been directed towards your posting style, which could easily be changed.
    Personal insults, nah.
  11. Stop the fùcking bickering, it costs ARRSE bandwidth and money, it also costs me the effort of reading it across every board on the entire site. It is dull and boring.
  12. Can those of us too new to arrse actually be given some better gen on BB and why the drama, please?

    I think this is a fair point. Life is too short (Yes, even mine Anya) but it would give an insight into the undercurrents. Recent posts on PTP's thread talk about bringing the site to its knees for crying out loud... if nothing else we need to know the regimental history so we can recite it at drunken mess (that's wradrm to you A) dinners and fight everyone else whose forebears didn't scare the moose away the first time. If you see what I mean.

    Oh, and nice norks (that's for Awol, Anya. Not you)
  13. J_D

    J_D LE

    only for the ones you chose to read, sorry if i gripped your sh1te
  14. Actually, they are Anya's norks... :D
  15. You see now she's starting to get some respek!