Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mushroom, Oct 29, 2005.

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  1. Just watched the news on 5, and I'm well hissed off.

    Lead story about some joyriders who wiped themselves out in a stolen car. Third story was about George Best. Sandwiched in between the two was a brief note that one soldier was killed and five injured in Afghanistan.

    Feel very sorry for the families of the joyriders apparently they were children. But quite frankly Best is some old lush who wasted a liver transplant and the children were big enough to steal a car.

    Is it possible the news people can start getting things in proportion.
  2. Not ever!

    The media don't have the "this is important' or the "priority" gene fitted as standard.

    Their equation probably reads: less than 10 Brits killed = go with any other crap story.

    They suck

    T wats
  3. Why? Their parents did not care enough about them to ensure that 14 year old children were at home at 0145hr, but no doubt the investigation will concentrate on trying to find fault with the police.

    It is a shame, though, that the deaths of criminals take precedence over that of a soldier.
  4. Good answer.
  5. Well, look on the bright side. That council estate will be quiet for a while and I'm sure some of theri neighbours will be sleeping better tonight.
  6. Surely when they led with the story about the dead sh1tbags in the stolen car they were only trying to cheer everyone up?