Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mushroom, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. I am just fed up with the over paid, over stuffed useless ******* who purport to run this ******* country.
    Some pack of luvvie solicitors think it would be unfair to take the British passport away from a convicted terrorist cos he claims it would make him stateless. Seeing as how this useless **** wants to destroy the only state with morons thick enough to have him says a lot for how stupid he is and even more for how stupid our bloody judiciary are.

    A pack of convicted ******* criminals riot and damage their jail. More of these caring concerned fuckwits who we sadly let run things have decided that they need rehousing and have sent prison vans to move them. Why can the bastards not live in the shit hole they have created until they repair the damage themselves. And if it’s so bad that they have to be moved then what is wrong with chaining the ***** together and making them walk?
  2. Chill out homes, if your anywhere near Wilmslow I can square you away with some tongue numbing cocaine and the address of a quality Brasshouse. Failing that go hang yourself from some school swings.
  3. It’s an interesting fact that the M1 motorway is the longest in the UK, and if you laid every lawyer head to toe along its fast lane it would be a very good thing.
  4. Scouse you can lay the twats anywhere something big and heavy is going to roll over them.
  5. We are clearly moral brothers and can only hope.
  6. I don't think that that is such a good idea. Articulated lorries are not allowed to use the outside lane of a 3-lane motorway, so it would make more sense to put them in the inside lane. It would also be more cost-effective to have them lying side-by-side, maybe with their necks on the rumble strips, and with a second line of them toe to toe with the first. This would allow for far more lawyers-per-gallon, thus massively reducing the carbon footprint.

    Can you make it the M6 as well, as I use that quite a lot.
  7. traffic not moving fast enough on the M1 for my liking, hang on it would make it slow and painful awesome,

    wtf am I doing up a 0223? Mrs A is drooling in bed the damn dog has nicked my side of the bed, going to stick dog biscuits in her arse crack, standby for action as anything can happen in the next half hour.

    Currently got babestation on mute, babestation should be done for trade description act, as in the words of faithless cant get no sleep
  8. You commie git.

    Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard about your free love, knitting a new ozone and the slightly-depressed-lesbian-badger helpline, but now you’re seriously suggesting that we ignore St Jezza of Tpgrrr (cheap benz be with him) just to help your commune find its daily ping-pong balance?

    Well, me traitorous lad-ho, no damn Frenchy is going to tell me, a semi-literate ranting loony, which way we should lay our lawyers on the road before squishing them. My granddad fought in the Magna Carte so we could pulp them any way we like (subject to EU regulations). Go on, arrest someone for it and see if I care!

  9. stuck dog biscuit in wifes arse crack, dog went loopy, dog gets kicked out of bedroom, i get reinstated back to bed, liste to an half hour of whinging about my snoring then she promptly falls to sleep impersonating a mastiff starter motor, have had no sleep at all...
  10. Get rid of wife.Sleep with dog!
  11. Mushroom, Thats not a Rant, it's just an observation, we are all in it together, let the Bankers Bank, the Lawers Law and Solicitors Solicit.
    Our Confirmed fellow Brits have the same rights that we have which is for the greater good of all. Now they can join in with the common Multi cultural UK fellowship of Apathy, the motto of which is "Fk it who cares anyway"
  12. I would but apparently dog has better taste than wife...
  13. Armadillo what bits of wife and dog have you been tasting?

    Mind she does snore a lot.