Rant Thread

As an alternative to the 'Rave' thread, what or who has filled you with rage and anger this week?

Usual rules apply...

1] Strictly only ONE post per Member, make your point/s and leave it.
2] No replies to be made in response to other posts in the thread.
3] If the thread overruns until the following week you can make one post per week

What or Who has got you fuming this week? ...
I'm annoyed with the people that made the crash bungs for my motorbike. My front wheel slid out on some ice the other day as I was pulling out of my driveway. I wasn't too worried because I thought the bungs would take the brunt of it. Instead the "high-tensile steel" bolt bent and has cracked my fairing open, which will cost me quite a bit to get a new one and get it sprayed to match :cry:
Feckin Norwegians who know everything, are abrupt, argumentative and pack like.

Every conversation is a feckin point scoring battle.

RAF Movers who insist on you checking in 4 hours before a flight-WHY?????
The standard of toms comming out of the factory!!!!! Pitiful ! Everyone in my place who has failed a BPFA is under the age of 24.
the silly little c*nt who was speeding on camp, smashed into my (stationary) car and left me in considerable back pain for the last two weeks. and then lied about speeding, despite leaving 10m skidmarks in a 20mph zone, and doing £800 worth of damage to my car. and claimed it was ME speeding instead, even though i was sat still and trying to get it in reverse when he hit me. lying little f*cker.

christ my back hurts!!!
Gavin henson gets my nomination - rant rant rant rant - not because hes a rugby player or hes good looking or hes got money but he gets to play with charlotte churchs fun bags and i dont
The middle aged woman in her Toyota who struck me from my bike on Wednesday and me with six bottles of Zinfandel in my haversack. The car behind her was a Police van.

Vengance is mine.

one bottle broken , the rest shaken but not stirred (like me), I will do her for two bottles. (how much should I say they cost?)

Can you hear me Miss Alise P%**y.

Edited to say 'she was in a car'

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