Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by drain_sniffer, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. RANT ON,

    Having just seen my pay statement showing, for the 3rd month in a row, my money being sent all around the world except to my bank account and being told I have to wait 6 weeks for it (have waited over 8 and still no sign of the first fcuk up) I have had enough..

    As a SNCO with 18 years service (for which I am still not being paid correctly), I am treated like a leper. I have had to live on visa and subs from family for the last 2 months as I have spent savings on mortgage deposit, solicitors fees etc.

    The JPA excuse only goes so far and someone somewhere has to take responsibility for the fact that I have not been paid correctly for 3 months. If I am told again that I have to wait 6 weeks because someone didn't do their job properly I will scream.

    The juniors I have work for me have either left or signed off. Shiit accommodation that is falling to pieces only months after being put up, PAYD and now JPA - plus limited promotion in my cadre, I have nothing to say to convince them that staying in is the thing to do. If it wasn't for that pension trap, I would tell them to shove this job up their own arrses.

    I am going into my admin office at opening time tomorrow and demand that the money I am owed (over £1000) is paid by Friday. What are my chances?

    rant off
  2. according to JPA Im not due to leave the Army for another 2 years which is when my pension and lump sum become available, actually Ive 2 months until Im out, others in my unit who have also completed 22 years are in the same boat, my admin office are on the case, but its the poor buggers who wont get paid at all this month thanks to JPA that I feel for!
  3. D_S,

    Surely if the admin office can see the F*** up then an advance of pay or similar should be heading your way.

    £1000 for three months, a missing zero perhaps?

    Don't forget to bash in a claim for the interest on yr plastic/overdraft for their mistake. Or perhaps you should just stop working until they start paying!
  4. Take it up with your MP, then watch the sparks fly :)

    Good luck with this one.
  5. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer


    I have all the sympathy in the world, having been in your position (And I'm a fcuking clerk, as you so eloquently put earlier).

    I am fed up dealing with people like you, who for no reason have had there pay fcuked up, and having to try and speak to the faceless wonders in Glasgow. Even under the old system they would give you a reference number and say they would pass it on to the correct department who would call me back.

    It is extremely frustrating for us to keep giving you the same excuses, but we can only tell you what we are told.

    Most of us (fcuking clerks) will do the best for you, however as in all trades there are a few that need slotting.

    Good luck, if they fcuk you off go to the SO2 @ Bde. That should help matters.
  6. My MP is Bob Russel, a Lib Dem who is about as much use as the proverbial tits on a fish and will not be getting my vote next week.

    My main point is how can I keep on telling junior soldiers that they should stay on and be committed, when all of us are being treated like 3rd world skivies
  7. BandT - I appreciate and know that the clerks in my unit have done their best to sort this out, and I dont blame them at all, Im just sounding off at the wrong people.
  8. Good luck D_S

    Maybe a win tonight against Liverfool will ease your pain a bit.. :wink:
  9. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    That's what we are here for (Offers shoulder)
  10. Probably somewhere between zero and fcuk-all........but best of luck anyway.
  11. Over on PPRUNE (I know - enemy but us RAF have had longer to be sick of JPA than you) a suggestion of redress has been made - and quite a good one I think. Go have a look.
  12. More chance of getting your back pay!! L.F.C. 4eva :D
  13. Go public. Sell your story like the Navy heroes. You will then get the publicity you need to get your pay staff to sort out their act and you get paid for your story. Quids in end of problem. Seriously though hope you get it sorted.
  14. Is anyone in the know gonna respond to the central point, which is what the Hell do we tell our subordinates when they start voicing the desire to leave - bon voyage?