RANT - A titless bird has kids and it's suddenly news

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fat_Cav, Jul 29, 2011.

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  1. Now I'm not one to rant but this grips my shite.

    World's first pregnant man Thomas Beatie unveils muscular body after 3 babies | Mail Online

    If I was popping as many roids as him I'd be fucking ripped too, although I'd be a mardy cunt with a small cock as well

    Now, I'm not going to go into the whole Trans-gender bedate, but I suspect that if you really wanted to be a Man rather than a woman you'd make some sacrifices and go the whole hog?

    What really annoys me is the non-story that this Man has had three kids and is now back in shape.

    So lets look at this Man . . .
    • Has he had a masectomy? Yes
    • Has he undergone Gender reassignment surgery? No
    • Does he take a plethora of drugs to make enhance his maleness? Yes
    So basically some bird loses her knorks and pops some drugs and 'Ta Raaa' she's a bloke. He still kept his clunge, tubes and ovaries. Talking about having your cake and eat it

    What next, blokes having long pretty hair and popping the pill and suddenly they're birds? I don't shagging think so. Also the fact that some US court made him legally a man. So what exactly makes her a man? Being butch with no tits. Fuck me, I worked with dozen of lezzers in the RLC who qualify in a heartbeat on that criteria
    At least Legs had the snip and went all the way, rather than this half-arsed crap. :pissedoff:

    Well I've got Moobs and use girly face cream*, does that make me female legally? No, it fucking don't!!

    Aaaahhhhhhh!!!! It's absolutely bollox!

    Rant over!

    (*-I don't really have moobs, I'm a svelt dude and handsome to boot.I do use girly cream though)
  2. I think it's revolting how deep the liberal infection has set in Western Society.
  3. so, what are you trying to say?
  4. I think you're just gutted she/he looks better than you.

  5. are you still fucking alive? hang yourself.
  6. As a bird I would have ridden here like a stolen moped. Now she looks like a lezza personal trainer

  7. No, I am over that and I will not be trying to do that again.
  8. The hypocrisy of accepting the legal ruling that you're now a man, but not having the conviction to go the whole hog and undergo gender re-assignment surgery to get rid of the vag and other womany bits. (if pregancny was the true reason, why bother having the tits off and the pill popping first?)

    You're either a woman who still has female genitalia and the ability to conceive a baby naturally or you're not. You can't be both.

    Also the way that the press hark on about this 'man' having kids etc. when all she is is a female that's undergone a mastecomy and is taking male hormanes.
    Does that elicit the amount of column inches and air time? What next? A male with breasts hitting the headlines because he managed an erection? Fuck me, I watch films like that every week on the internet . . . err. . .so I've heard :oops:

    Man or woman? In my view it's pretty black or white.