Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by muckychimney, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick question on ranks....what is a WCPL ? found that ref on some of me Grandads stuff.
  2. I have seen it used as an abbreviation for 'Woman Corporal'. Not sure how it would apply to you Grandad though!

  3. Perhaps he got one up the duff?!
  4. In the days of WRAC their ranks were Pte(W), LCpl(W), Cpl(W) - I am sure you can guess the rest. Of course it could be someone with a Jonathan Woss type type speech impediment who talks of wance corporals.
  5. Ah that one Cpl(W)...what is it ?
  6. What sort of unit was he in? It may yield some clues or more-educated guesses.

    For example, the Army Service Corps had Farrier-Cpl as a rank, so it may be as simple(?) as finding a trade that starts with W, such as......



  7. Or Wireless Cpl?

    No, never heard of it either..........just a guess.

  8. Welder Cpl?
    Wheelwright Cpl?
  9. Or possibly a temporary 'war' rank?
  10. the Wessex Crime Pathology Lab?? your grandad worked for the rozzers!! burn it all LOL!!

    no idea mate but then i'm not too sure want rank i'm at?? i get a lance corporal pay but the work of a whole bloody section!!
  11. It could be 'Wartime Substantive Cpl'.

    I've seen the term W/Sgt used, and that was for 'Wartime Substantive Sgt'. In essence - this is as I understand it, and I may have misunderstood - it meant that the rank was neither Acting, nor Temporary nor Local but was regarded as (surprise, surprise) as substantive rank. The holder of the rank could not, therefore, be reduced/returned to his previous rank unless this was done as the result of a CM - as opposed to acting ranks, of course, who might be posted somewhere and find themselves holding the rank of L/Cpl once again.

    However, once the war was over, the Wartime Substantive Corporal could not expect to remain a corporal if he decided to remain in the army rather than demob.

    That, anyway, is one explanation.
  12. Wouldn't that be HO - Hostilities Only?


    Although, that would make sense, especially if you refer to the following RTR page: http://www.royaltankregiment.com/9th_rtr/appendices/Appx%202.htm

    There's some ranks there... - WS/Major T/Lt-Col etc...

  13. You'd have thought so, but I have seen evidence that the 'W' is wartime only - on the regiments.org site (which sadly appears to have disappeared, allegedly temporarily) and in a document in the PRO (don't ask me which, it was over ten years ago when I found it, thought, 'Mmm, mildly interesting' and paid no further attention to it).