Discussion in 'Infantry' started by andy_smith, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Can any one give me the british army ranks in order plz
  2. No - go away.
  3. Wikipedia
  4. Pte, Fus, Hldr, Gnr, Sapper, Dvr, Rfn, Trooper, Cfn, Lcpl, Lbdr, Cpl, Lsgt, Bdr, CoH, Sgt, Sjt, CQMS, Quartie, Staff sgt, Colour Sgt, CSM, RQMS(M), RQMS(T), God (Some time answers to RSM),
  5. Ohhhh there is more than that
  6. Also Signaller, Airtrooper, Piper, Drummer, Bandsman, Lance Corporal of Horse, Staff Corporal. Remember the officers too.

    RMA1 - Remember that CQMS, RQMS RSM are all appts, not ranks.
  7. I was playin with him you're no fun, Forgot Nurse, Cavlryman, SUS, SAT, Pipemajor, Drummajor,
  8. Im shure i put that down, some b*gger must have nicked it.
  9. [quote="God (Some time answers to RSM),[/quote]

    thought he was God ????????? if not its definitely his train set
  10. Well he could be but then again Sect Comd is some times god like. and a pte is sometimes called the son of god,
  11. Can't trust anyone these days! Have you reported it to the RMP?

    "I kept it secured in my locker all the time Corporal, someone must have broken in and stolen it."
  12. It was in the drying room, I went into get it and there it was GONE.
  13. That'll teach you! A word to the wise, next time this happens just nick some other fcukers.
  14. Yes Cpl Sorry Cpl But I had been down to Mon Cheries Cpl and it had got wet in the bath.