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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by bitty, Aug 2, 2005.

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  1. ok, first post, so i'm going to try my hardest not to invite the level of abuse that some people get (just been reading an old post by someone called "greenslime?", seems like he got a pretty hard time!).

    anyway, my question is this; if you join the int corps ranks, what are the options/timescales for becoming an officer, if thats what you choose? this isn't a "are officers better?" or "will i get a better uniform/more ladies?" question, its a question about levels of responsibility and progression.

    bear in mind that i've got little military experience, except for a visit to the Royal Artillery before uni (when i was 19, now 24) to discuss officer entry. nice food and cool stuff but didn't appeal to me. :)
  2. If you want a commission, apply for it direct. You do not have to go through the ranks first.

    However, if you want to join the ranks, your promotion depends on how good you are, both as a tradesman and a soldier. LE commissioning (ie commissioning from the ranks) is extremely achievable. On average you can expect to get to WO2 within about 16 years. You can then apply for a LE commision at WO2. It is not guaranteed but prospects are good.
  3. i see, so if you join the ranks, you're committed to stay there until you reach WO2?
  4. I would also add that you can achieve that without being an LE. However as you wouldn't have the experiance of a WO2/1 you'd have to do RMAS for a year. You also still need to do RCB (i'm told).

    So really if it's your end goal I'd suggest as the eye spy did, going direct. However as a ranker and as a DE you have no guarantee of getting into the Corps until selection time at RMAS. (Unless you're that extra special or desperatly in need chap that the Major is looking for).

    This comes only from a discussion on my own aquaint. I'm sure others with more experiance and knowledge could flesh it out a little better.
  5. Not at all. You can be identified as a candidate for officer training to become a Direct Entry officer - i.e. via Sandhurst - at more or less any stage (realistically, though, you ought to try for this before your late 20s if you're to have any sort of career). The route via Warrant Officer leads you to a Late Entry commission.
  6. thanks everyone, very helpful. i'm going to go for sandhurst and if that falls through, join the ranks and see what happens from there.
  7. Further to what Glad its all over said, you can apply for a commission earlier on, but that is different to an LE commission. In my experience, most (but not all) Int Corps JNCOs who applied for a commission early were commissioned into another Corps, usually the RLC. Applying early is more or less the same as applying direct, you still have to do the year at RMAS. And more is expected of you than the direct entries I am told, such as looking after the overseas cadets! LEs do not have to do the RMAS thing. Int Corps LE officers also tend to get slightly better jobs than young direct entry Capt's. Again, not a rule of thumb.
  8. All of the former Int Corps soldiers I was at RMAS with went to the RLC...
  9. I take it you are not including yourself then Darth. Or do you not class yourself as a former Int Corps Soldier?
  10. Hmmm....interesting question! I would have to say that as I wasn't a part of the glorious Corps (the Green Machine) when I passed RCB, I couldn't lay claim to being an ex-Corps bloke at RMAS.

    However, I still wear my cypress green lid in the dead of night when I'm patrolling my patch; down the pub when I'm feeling a bit waltish; and obviously I wear it on Corps Sunday.

  11. Two questions

    1. Are you suggesting all Corps members are Walts?

    2. Corps Sunday, is that like Corps Day.

    Glad to see you still know the motto. If you know the Corps march, I would be really impressed.
  12. why is the intelligence corps not keen to keep people who have come up through the ranks? and why do they go to RLC (which i assume is royal logistics corps)?

    also, to clarify, there is Late Entry which is reaching the top level NCO, Direct Entry which is from any rank but seems to involve leaving the corps and "early entry" which eye_spy mentioned but i'm not quite clear on the details. is this correct?
  13. Direct entry is, I believe, straight from civvie street. Early entry is from the OR to commission.
  14. Firstly, its not that the Corps is not keen to keep its people, its just that competition for commissioning into the Corps is very heavy. A young soldier may feel he/she would like to be an officer and successfully makes it to RMAS. He is then thrown into the melting pot and may be one of about 20 people after four commissioning slots. Obviously the best win. At the same time, the soldier in question may not particularly want to stay in the corps. I don't know why they tend to go for the RLC, possibly because there are far more slots available.

    Secondly, Direct entry is joining straight from civvy street, LE is being commissioned from the ranks when you have had a full career as a soldier, hence it is WO2/1 who get this. There is no such thing as an early entry, I was just saying that a soldier may want to apply earlier than waiting for the LE option. If he does this, he still must do RCB and join an intake at RMAS with direct entry cadets. As i said, and Darth Doctrinus will back me up here, it is slightly unfair for the guys who take this route as a lot more is expected of them.
  15. Hardly old chap - you know me better than that!

    Prepare to be impressed:

    Quick March is 'The Rose and The Laurel' and the Slow March is 'Trumpet Tune (And Ayre)'.