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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BornSlippy, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. About how long does it take to get promoted to your next rank after passing out phase 2/3? If I start training around this years Christmas then after how many years can I expect my first promotion? I know you get the Army 'fact' sheet but I'de rather hear it from the horses mouth, cheers!
  2. It depends on lots of things. What job you do, whether you're a tit or not, whether your unit is scaled for x amount of LCpls etc. Too many variables for a good answer
  3. it could be any time, to friends of mine are twins, joined the army at the same time and joined the same regiment, one got the L/Cpl after about 3 years and they have both been in about 4/5 now and one is still a private and the other a L/Cpl
  4. Depends on who you badge to! Some trades in the Corps give their first tape on completion of their phase 2. Otherwise you are looking at 18-36 months after training dependant on how well you perform and what vacant slots need to be filled.

    Just do your job and enjoy it it, promotion will follow soon enough.

    Of course I apply the caveat that if your **** you have no chance :)
  5. Ah right thanks for the info guys. Im going in as an Armoured Engineer on the 22nd of November. I've heard something about a fast track system but it's all a long way off anyway, im just curious.
  6. fast track system, i think they are talking about the tanks you get to drive ;) :D
  7. Well I'm going in as a dog trainer and will get my first tape after phase 2.
  8. Like the others have said, there's many variables to take in to consideration and no one can give you a definative answer as to when you'll get any stripes. You'll just have to work hard and show you've got the right qualities to be a leader..

    Edit: Spelling mistake
  9. Are you sure that's not just so people can tell them apart? :D
  10. A max of 6 years I reckon - If your liked, a max of 3 I'd say.

    Or join the RMP - LCpl from the start.
  11. I was told by my ACIO when i first went into the office and he was briefing me on the role ect, that there is a average of 3 years between each rank.

    But if you get your head down and work hard you could be lucky and get noticed.

  12. Join the RMP and be hated by everyone :D
  13. Well done. You'll still have to do what your Dog tells you as they'll probably have a higher rank than you
  14. This one made me laugh :'D
  15. When you get to your unit after Bovvy your looking at about 2 years before you get on your potential junior NCO's course (cadre). Training will take about a year from day 1 week 1 to tipping up at your 1st unit so about 3 years total.

    Do well on the cadre and you could get your tape on the square (on the cadre pass out) failing that you get a recomendation of 3 months, 6 months or 6-12 months and will be promoted in line with your recomendation (provided you keep your nose clean)

    After you've got a rank you need to be in that rank for 3 years before you 'zone in' for promotion to the next rank. After your 3rd SJAR (annual report) is written you go on the promotion board and have 6 chances at the next rank before you stay where you are for the rest of your career.