RANKED - Armys Greatest Sporting Moments

Article from this month's Soldier magazine.


In summary it lists (and ranks)the greatest achievements of Army personnel in sporting fields.

List goes like this:-

1. Kelly Holmes - Double Gold
2. Josh Lewsey - Rugby World Cup
3. Alistair Heathcote - Olympic Rowing Silver
4. Dean Ward & Sean Olsen - Olympic Bobsleigh Silver
5. Chris Bessey - Commonwealth Boxing Gold
6. Maik Taylor - Puffballer
7. Jackie Gunn - Bobsleigh World Silver
8. Kelly Morgan - Lots of Stuff
9. Apolosi Satala - Commonwealth Rugby 7's Bronze
10. Mike Dixon - Biathlon sheer endurance and best in Britain for decades

Whilst it's a good read, I couldn't help thinking that there might be a few more noteworthy performances out there somewhere. What about Akabusi for example. Any gems that you can throw to the surface?

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