Discussion in 'Officers' started by Forvirring, Jun 9, 2005.

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  1. Apologies for the bone question but I was perusing the Academy website and was looking at the page concerning the recent parade. I always assumed all Cadets held the rank of Officer Cadet but Junior Under Officer appears. What sets these guys apart and does it mean anything once you're there?

    Bring on the flak
  2. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Doesn't mean very much. Supposedly the best cadet in each platoon, and means you get to carry a sword on the parade. You wear a very faint second stripe I think. There's no extra responsibility.
  3. I thought that it was changed a few years ago and all of those graduating now carry swords? Anyone know if it still happens? Cue picture from ATRA website.....

  4. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Can't remember to be honest. Two go out the front anyway. The one who calls the commands will be the JUO. The other one will probably be a dashing guards type who looks the part.
  5. We had 2x JUOs per platoon. They were appointed at the end of final ex, and treated to a champagne breakfast and a supper in a local pub, whilst all the OCdts collected brass, handed back radios, etc. The payback for this was that the JUOs were duty bitches for the last 2 weeks of term (i.e. when all the kit has to be handed back, and no-one gives a toss any more).

    Sovereign's Parade-wise, everyone in the senior term carried swords. The JUOs had some gold on their blues epaulettes (and a knot thing on CS95 rank slides). If memory serves me correctly, there were 3x JUOs per half company; the centre one gave the commands, with the other two just marching at the front left and right of the half company, respectively.
  6. It's called an Austrian Knot actually. Knowing that sort of thing gets you made a JUO - at least that is the only reason I can think of why they made me one! Unless there was a bloody good lunch in Academy HQ that day? :D :D :D
  7. We didn't have JUOs on my course at Sandhurst as we were all 2Lts and paid as such :D The JUOs were all up the road on the 'Simple Minds Course' getting £9 per day less.
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  8. And possibly I should also add that I got my second pip up just after the Sovereign's Parade, and also got a big feck-off wedge of back pay as an Lt back to the beginning of the Sandhurst course.

    See, things were better in the old days :D
  9. Bloody Hell! Those were the old days! Are you sure it wasn't an extra 9 shillings a day and an extra tot of rum! I think in Surfing Somme we had some fellows who got spammed to be stick men or right markers or door monitors or something. We were Right of Line as the Sovereign's chosen men and didn't have to do so many rehearsals. Mind you, only doing 6 months at RMAS we could probably have done with some extra drill! By the way, the College Adjt at the time is now DA Nicosia.

  10. That'll be the Guest on the 'Standard Goon Course' then. Up in Victory College with the rest of the girls....................

    Our JUOs were appointed in the last term (I think) and did duty student for ages. The rest of us plebs not on the 'Cadet Government' carried rifles on parade (as did the Cdt Sgt and Cpls).
  11. Just goes to show, officers CAN tie knots...

    Now maps, that´s another, entirely different story!!!!!
  12. In the good old days, ie Intake 52 and before (-1973), each company had a Senior Under Officer (SUO), a Company Junior Under Officer (CJUO) , two or three Junior Under Officers (JUO) and the senior intake were designated Senior Officer Cadets (SCdt). The SUO and CJUO ran the Company and the JUOs and SCdts formed "cadet governments" and were responsible for the running of the junior intakes (gave us hell!)
  13. Thank god for the demise of 'Cadet Government' - that really is the blind leading the blind.

    I also love the slagging JUOs get merely for trying a little harder during Sandhurst. All of ours were outstanding guys and gals - erudite, charming, great soldiers - and massively well respected by all and sundry.

    Serve to Lead! :D
  14. ^ I don't remember all or sundry - where did they end up?
  15. To the best of my knowledge, 'all and sundry' usually go a lot further than the JUOs... :D