Just a quick question. I have due to my job been given local Sgt, Can i be paid for this rank for a limited period of time untill i get acting or not at all.

u might get substitution pay providing the sgt rank isnt employed on the books elsewhere
Im attached to a Unit in the Uk, My Unit is based abroad. So i don't think the Sgt slot is being used elsewhere.
is the job you doling rank ranged?

what pid are you in?
Isn't it depending on if you fill a PID and do so for 6 months?

I was always led to believe that after the 6 months, payment in that rank would start.
What does PID mean? sorry if im being a mong. I have been local Sgt for 5 months now
6 months acting rank applied for, 21 days, sub pay starts, providing that pid isnt doing another job

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