Rank Structure

Rfn, Rgr, Gdsm, Tpr, Fus about as many as i know

edited to add, didn't see bit about pictorial reference!


Gdsm, Pte, Gnr, Kgn, Fus, Rfn, Msn, Spr, Cfn, Spr
LCpl, LBdr
Cpl, LSgt, LCoH, Bdr
Sgt, CoH
CSgt, SSgt, SCpl

Think I got most of them
You could also have Corporal Major = WOII and RCM as WOI both WOs but peculiar to HCAV.

Sjt and CSjt?
Yes, but no, but yes he was after a pictorial document and although they are the same rank appointment they aren't known by the same titles as other units i.e.it's a different rank type, you could say the same for Pte, Tpr etc they are all OR1s but with a different name....
Are there still Pipers and Drummers in the pipe bands?
AFAIK, but they are known by the respective rank worn, Tpr, Pte et al, unlike Pipe and Drum Majors who have a SCpl rank badge

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