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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Ex_Pompadour, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. I want to get some rank slides for my unit. The last batch I bought looked good when new but soon looked tatty. The thread on the embroidering is too weak and snags on the SUSAT and undergrowth. I've shopped around but the commercially available ones I've seen aren't any more robust.

    Can anyone recommend a supplier of soldier-proof rank slides?


  2. Suggest you try Lancashire Embroidery Ltd,

    They supply the RN, RAF and a large number of Regts with badges and slides.

    They also embroider garments.


    0151 546 5161

    (Im not on commission , but have used them and know they are good.)
  3. Don't wear them in the field?
  4. Yep, I used them! Very good and fast if you need them to be!
  5. Yes. The QM.

    Seriously, the latest design of Future Soldier Rank slides are made of plastic embossed and printed material. Bit like those horrible french ones.

    Or if you want ones unique to your reg/unit, Cadet Direct tell me that soon they will be offereing them with special order designs too.

  6. Which reg? I know Riflesdirect do Rifles rank slides, but not much use if you're REME.

    I got one from there and has lasted about 2 years on my smock with plenty of chances to get buggered up.

  7. NO no no, those horrible rubbery ones arent issue, despite what certain cadet retailers are telling you. If they were, why is HMG still ordering many thousands of embroidered ones???????
  8. Either don't wear rank in the field, issue two rankslides to everyone so they have a field and a pristine one or invest in helmet or sleeve patches, which look gay but will do the job.

    Much cheaper than specially commissioning super-hardwearing rankslides.
  9. Contractual obligations? Anyway these plastic ones look like a solution looking for a problem.

    Bravo_Zulu: You are right. a bit of common sense and admin is all that is required. Are they still issued in pairs?, so one for camp, one for field.
  10. Ive just realised, you're a cadet. What the fcuk do you know about what's issued and what isn't? The only time you're likely to need waterproof kit is when whichever cadet your wnaking off misses your mouth.
  11. Because no-one here's heard that cadet joke before :roll: Bore off.

    W_O_T_W: I was issued two, possibly to avoid swapping between shirt and jacket, but I use one as the faded, threadbare field one and a nice clean ironed (aren't I sad :D ) one for my shirt.

    And I have seen rubbery rankslides issued, but not to me.
  12. No, I'm an adult instructor. You, however are an immature and charmless cünt

    Easy really, Einstein, I look at what I've been issued, against what I should or could be issued. Simple enough for you?

    So, you're only interested in w@nking off young boys. I don't think that me, the ACF or those who have contributed sensibly to this thread need or want your input, so why don't you fück off now, or you'll be late signing the Sex Offenders Register.

    Do you know what cadet AIs are issued? 2 fifths of fück all - but we do get free rank slides. Occasionally!
  13. wow that 'adult instructor' title has really gone to you're head!!

    is an AI like a tard assistant at school?? and come on surely an AI must know where to get decent rank slides as surely the only people that wear rank in the field are the one's that can't command rank and respect off of the back of their actions...

    however on the topic i have used my regt tailor before to make some out of more durable materials....cheap if you can source the material
  14. Just because we are Adult Instructors at Cadet Units does NOT make us bad people. Most of us have served with the forces (I'm in the minority that have not, and I am saddened by that fact).

    Just because we want to give the cadets we try and get ready for serving their country either in the forces or in Civvy Street the best,
    we ask the people who should know - ARRSErs.

    We do our best to get Cadets accustomed to discipline and military life with second hand stuff, some of which is well past its Use By Date. We don't all have access to Regimental tailors, most of whom are already stretched looking after the regulars, so we try and help by sourcing certain items externally to the Regiments we are affiliated to.

    {Alights from the Outrage Bus}