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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Sierra_Hotel, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,
    This is rather trivial, but have seen many different styles of DPM rank slides, with varying sizes, shapes, stitching chevron colours. Is there a proper defined pattern, and if so, where can i get the right ones. Am struggling to get Sergeant ones that look proper.
  2. Issue ones should be the "proper" ones...?
  3. Am a cadet. We have to buy ours.....
  4. You have to buy them because you get issued a perfectly servicable brassard...
  5. sorry Greg, for got to say im a crab cadet, so dont wear rank on bassard, and hate the shoddy blue slides that we get.
  6. Confused. Crab Cadet so you should wear Crab rank slides etc. Whether you like them or not is not important!

    If you wanted to wear Army rank slides, you should have joined the Army cadets instead! :D
  7. I noticed some rank slides are massive like my Sgt one is huge and only days ACF but covers the button its that big.

    I agree with The_Goon don't you need crab rank slides not Army ones?
  8. Make sure you get plain DPM ones. Serving RAF personnel wont appreciate cadets cutting around with "RAF" on their slides. However if you dont wear your combats very often save money and stick with the blue ones. And dont wear DPM on your blue shirts whatever you do!
  9. Crab cadet, we used to get the camp tailor to knock us up rank slides in green when I were a lad, of course we could only do this on annula camp but there you go
  10. Sorry Sierra Hotel. As a crab cadet sergeant I feel it is my duty to inform you that you are only aloud to wear standard issue blue.... Read the ACP
  11. Yeah, I know all the reg's about rank slides. Am RAF CCF not ATC, so DPM slides are accepted. I spend more time in CS95, die to being in the shooting team, than I do in blues, so choose to buy DPM slides to save wrecking the ones the section provide.
  12. OK. My bad. Try Cadet Direct and then you can get your unit ID embroidered onto the slide. Alternatively you could try SOF Military.
  13. HS
    PM me with your address and you can have my old ones I wont be needing them again

  14. You need to get CCF rankslides: you are not allowed to wear anything else. Cadet Direct stock DPM rankslides with the CCF logo.

    Bear in mind however that last year each brigade was ordered to make every cadet wear a brassard. The only time you can take this off is on exercise, when your rank is irrelevant. In practice, buy what you like, but them's the rules, just so you know.
    Every rule has a silver lining, though. At the same time, it was decreed that cadets can only use the LSW A2 and not the A1, so your contingent may get some shiny new weapons which aren't total gash.