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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by michael3429, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Wheel today the regiment have started wearing pcs. I was issued 3 sets of the kit and had 1 pair tailored the tailing was paid for but not the badges. So I have had to folk out for badges and tailoring for those. We have now been informed today that the perfectly good rank slides that were issued aren't good enough and we have to pay for new ones. Me been a tight bastard and after paying for tailoring and badges and a new squadron tshirt which was apparently mandatory I don't think it's right I now have to pay for rank slides. It might not seem much to most people but that's a day out to the swimming pool or pictures for me and my daughter.

    Can I refuse these rank slides without any reprecussions. I have perfectly good rank slides that have been issued.

    Speaking to friends in other corps they think this is a joke that we pay for badges t shirts tailoring etc
  2. Yes they can't force you to pay for anything to wear but tailoring at public
    Expense as now ceased bar a few exceptions!

    Munch Me
  3. Has the idea and teaching of education for promotion been completely binned now then?
  4. On the other hand by not buying them you will make yourself very popular with all your mates by volunteering for all those extra guards & so on. Pity you won't get to spend the cash saved on your daughter, though :wink:
  5. CP very narrow minded view my last QM fought the lads corner on this very well and no extra duties etc were given. I don't wear the new rank slides - the rest of the Seniors, WOs and officers do as the RSM bought them at unit expense and issued them. Sqn t-shirts are another subject you cant be forced to buy them, but most wear the issue ones.

    Munch Me
  6. Also forgot to mention we have to folk out for a new stable belt. A stable belt that is not even going to be on show anymore due to PCS been untucked. The new belt is no differnt apary from jimmy having a shitty crown
  7. Also forgot to mention we have to fork out for a new stable belt. A stable belt that is not even going to be on show anymore due to PCS been untucked. The new belt is no differnt apart from jimmy having a shitty crown
  8. That is exactly my point thanks.
    If the Corps are requiring us to wear them why are they not paying for them when we have perfectly good ones issued.
  9. No stable belt either? That'll be summer block leave covered as well. Good man.
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  10. I'll stick my hand up and say you got me :) .....tw@t!

    Munch Me
  11. All depends on the unit. As there's only a few of us attached, we won't get the funding from another cap badge to buy these, but as we cover a lot of MST's we get shit from the shouty types from the resident CSR. For the sake of a fiver, I'd rather have peace and quiet and go without a few cups of the Corps Museum's finest rat pack coffee.

    As for badges, get the needle and thread out and learn to sew them on yourself, big money saver. Been doing my own badges for years and never been picked up on an inspection
  12. They can rod off if they think I'm buying a new stable belt because the cap badge is different. I succumbed to buying a front buckling one a few years ago and that's the last one I'll buy. I do however still tuck my shirt in (MTP this week) and wear an issued C95 belt (too fat for the Corps belt).

    However, my career hasn't got far to go. If I was young and thrusting, I'd be trying to create a good impression by following whatever mental local dress scheme being endorsed by my heirachy. Only takes one 'Cpl MB isn't a team player' on an SJAR and the nice promotion and pay rise has gone for a ball of chalk.
  13. I must admit I thought i sounded funny when i listed that I hated the new rank slide and I begrudged paying as one of my reasons for wanting to transfer away from the corps, then on arriving at Battalion i needed to buy regimental ones and a stable belt, mess dress, cyprus mess dress and a whole host of other bits and pieces.
  14. I have been bimbling around for the last 13 years as a TA reservist ( & civy type specialist ) and have done numerous tours and have been picked up a few times for wearing a RE cap badge but no stable belt, my reply has always been " There are two things 1. How many horses are there in the RE? 2. why do I have to pay for it? if it is required and accepted as normal working attire it should be issued" and 3rdly. ( I know I said there was always 2 things) in hushed tones.. surely it is more appropriate with barrack dress and formal attire but not combats surely

    In any case with the new kit being worn untucked it won't be seen anyway

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    (edited to add that I am actually an ex-regular Household Cavalry man where wearing a "stable" belt in the appropriate rig was the norm)