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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by purplestar, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone been told they will be issued rank slides to go with the MTP kit, had someone offer me some made in multicam but dont know similar the design is or wether EBAY will be flooded with them in a couple of months
  2. No when MTP comes in we will all just continue to wear the C95 pattern rank slides and look like utter cunts. I suggest you stock up on new ones now to beat the rush.
  3. Well hes on a winner then, I might buy a couple of sets, just need to get promoted first :)
  4. You are worried about procuring rankslides for a rank you do not have yet in a pattern that we are not issued yet? Why?
  5. Ambition, I like it. MTP will probably be shit-canned before then and we will all be holding P45's 8O
  6. You could always stick to plain OG.


    With a Khaki Drill alternative:


    They go with most camouflage patterns.
  7. Or get a marker and just draw your stripes onto the uniform. You'll be holding that rank for a while, right?
  8. ISTRC reading something stating that OG rank slides with black embroidery will become standard issue.
  9. Mind that 3 dots are easier to produce with a marker than stripes.
    I'd go for dotting if I were you! ;-)
  10. They already are with our regt, commissioned ranks only though. NCOs have DPM. Not sure why the split really, all OG would make sense, easier to spot who's what then without the colours all blending, but still tactical.
  11. At least if it's OG for Officers and DPM for other ranks then you know who to salute more easily.