rank slide

due to my recent promotion to the rank of lance corpral i was wondering can we wear og rank slides on combats or do they have to be camo
Don't know? why not ask your adult instructors....
No 5.56, wear what is issued!


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Ahhhhh - all is now in order with the world. LCpl 5.56mm is back!

And this time it's personal!

Congratulations on your first stripe young fella! :worship:
Well, wonders will never cease. 5.56 has returned to the flock. 8O

Lcpl 5.56 to be exact what is the promotion board coming to??

Haha rab that had me chuckling for a good couple of minutes.

Rank slides aren't allowed in our county, but who needs one when you have a brassard?
Congrats yung un, as stated ask yor AIs my unit wears OG in camp c/w unit & issued 95 in the field.

does the rank now mean you're not going to be such a chod?
5.56 you star. Congratulations young hopeful and future of the armed forces. You'll be an SNCO before you know it. So... what responsibilities have they given you?

I reckon you need to volunteer immediately (don't listen to regulars, people who volunteer are really cool - volunteer for everything) for the responsbility of checking all rank slides are correctly worn.

Good luck with your task, if you complete this mission who knows, you may be up for the military cross!!!! The youth of today are hard as nails!!!
I've told you before, L/Cpl or not, NO posting on ARRSE until you've completed your homework!

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