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Discussion in 'REME' started by gunfighter, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. Can anybody confirm WO1 ASM is senior by APPOINTMENT to WO1 RSM ? And if so where is it written ?

    Thanks fellas
  2. It's all down to dick size! realy.
  3. Yes it is true. Don't know where it is written.
  4. Here we go again.

    The senior appointments thing has been done many time just use the search function.

    The answer to the $64,000.00 question is WO1 (Cdr) RLC

  5. Good answer wrong question Question is "Is WO1 (ASM) in fact senior to WO1 RSM by appointment ?
  6. Yes he is senior, and it is quite clearly stated in the 'big book of things that are in alphabetical order, volume 2'.

    However he is not senior to a 22 year signaller/private/gunner etc. but then again, who is?
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  7. Depends which RSM you are thinking of. Arguably, the senior RSM is Marc Wicks.
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  8. The AirTrooper!
  9. Don't, "fellah" people. It's rude.
  10. I'm talking in general terms not the Senior soldier
  11. I take it you're questioning this as you're worried that your counterpart in Brigade HQ is actually working instead of boring the toms with your NI dits and constant ball-aching over slightly past the mid-way of the ear sidies.
  12. Is he really?:excited:
  13. it used to be in the corp's handbook and only applied in reme units to the HQ ASM should one be appointed who wasnt a glorified staffy/aqms and didnt apply with coy asm's since there are too many of them, its the reason theres a corp ASM and its only to do wiht who gets to be pmc, its also why there invariably there isnt normally a HQ ASM in a reme unit that has an RSM....

    i take it your question has to do wiht a bun fight over something really mundane...
  14. Your avatar thingy made I larf!
  15. Are there two meanings to ASM?