Rank Marking identification

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by OP_ACK, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. Gents

    Sorry to intrude on your board, but at the Field of Remembrance I saw a Royal Signals female SNCO with the following on her arm. Crown over four stripes (point downwards). I have never seen this before and neither had any of the gunners with me.

    Could anysome let me know this ladies rank please.

    Many thanks
  2. I don't suppose she had a load of soldiers behind her making a racket with triangles and trumpets etc did she? You described the insignia of a Drum Major.
  3. What dress was she in? and were they cloth chevrons? Some metal ones do look like 4 but in fact they are 3

    if the point was upwards, I would say drum major, but never seen that one before..
  4. If she was this is what she would wear, these are the chevrons in question..point upwards, not downwards as described

  5. They look like Yank Insignia to me mate...

    Edited to add

    Good call BTW MTI, I just saw the 4 stripes etc...

    I think the originators eyesight is as bad as mine :oops:
  6. Sounds like she might have been from one of the Yeomanry Signal Squadrons.

  7. Middlesex Yeomanry rings a bell??
  8. If its is, what rank is she? and just a thought, what if shes one of the Donkey Wallopers lots, CoH or CplMajor or something
  9. From the Middlesex Yeomanry (R Sigs) website:

    47 Squadron have a lanyard of parachute rigging in dull green and gold in remembrance of their service as airborne signals. Squadron collar badges and buttons are those of the Middlesex Yeomanry. Yeomanry stable belts and side hats have been retained by the Squadron. Officers wear a wire wove Middlesex Yeomanry cap badge with the side hat. The Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant has the distinction of wearing four chevrons.

    Obviously enjoy their "peculiarities"!
  10. Definately Signals cap badge and NOT a drum major, point of chevrons was downwards. Yes they were cloth.

    Only caught a glimpse of her in passing, and no I hadn't been to the pub, other Gunners with me also counted 4 stripes. It certainly made us look twice!!
  11. she was probably a SSgt, one of the yeomanry sqns wear the rank of the next one above. This only applies when wearing Yeomanry epulates, if their wearing normal ones they wear the correct rank
  12. Ive seen a bloke wearing 4 Stripes with a Crown above on a CS95 slide before, always wondered what it was!
  13. Walked past someone in Helmand a few weeks ago wearing this rank slide aswell!! We had to look twice!!
  14. 4 chevrons pointing upwards shows the appointment of being bugle/drum/pipe major ,usually the rank of sgt, a small crown above shows he / :D she hold the rank of c/sgt, ssgt, large crown wo11 etc.
  15. Thanks for the information guys, except as I said the chevrons were point DOWN.

    If I find anything out about this I will post it here.