Rank in perpetuity ?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Jerrycan2793, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. As I understand some rank stays with you upon retirement to my belief it was anything above the rank of Major.

    Can anyone give me the definitive answer on this.

    I am in the unfortunate position of working with someone who recently turned up in CS95 to a fundraiser but he just doesn't quite fit the bill. Its concerning me as he is potentially going to scupper a really decent civvie blokes efforts to raise money for some cracking charities.

    I am at a loss, I generally get the feeling the guy is ex serving just over egging the pudding, I am sure with best intentions of raising money for charity but I am sure you all know it has the possibility of bringing very bad press.
  2. If he is retired, why is he wearing uniform? Regt tie and suit perhaps, but uniform seems odd.
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  3. My thoughts exactly, getting mixed stories about being in the TA, Then was told he had left the TA lots of vagueness and mixed messages, I might just ring his TA lot and say thanks for letting him come and see what they say.
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  4. Captain is the lowest retireable rank.
  5. I retired as a private :)
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  6. You were an over promoted recruit!!! :)
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  7. I heard you were sacked for failing to live up to the standards required of an ACC Chef.

    You could cook....
  8. My understanding is once you reach what is known as 'Field Rank' which is Major and above you can use the title after retirement as long as rtd appears somewhere.

    In practice I'm only aware of Col and above using it.
  9. I've met a few ******* who still feel the need to be referred to as 'Major', even though their deadwood regular commissioned careers ended way before they were pensioned. They used to be found en masse in Bde HQs and training establishments trying to relive what they never actually had. There's one who haunts this site.
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  10. I once saw a car badge saying "Once a Sapper, always a Sapper - Hurrah for the CRE". So if you were ever in the Enjo's you could call yourself Spr (Retd) - probably.

    Although your postie would think you were a bit of a twat.
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  11. Although to be fair, some have made cracking SSOs. :-o
  12. Yeah, I suppose things went downhill when they MSF'd those posts. That bone **** in Bielefeld is a good example of what happens when you let a thick as **** former WO near a staff job.
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  13. Mate, don't even get me started. I deal with these trumpets all the time. They seem to infest regional Bde HQs en masse; everything is too much trouble, and if they do you 'a favour' they're going to make sure you know it. God forbid they'll ever be proactive, intuitive, reasoned, imaginative or anything remotely useful. "It's not in the JSP". "Regulations forbid it" (when they don't). And as you highlight, tagging someone with a SO2 handle gives them airs they simply don't warrant. There is one up the road from me who styles himself 'SO2 Security' and has even been seen to wear Major's slides in uniform as part of the Bde Comd's ACF inspection team (surely a job designed for pedos if ever there was one).

    Rant over. ******* *****.

    Edited: Just read back up through the thread and I've basically re-worded Bickies' earlier post. Mea culpa.

    2nd Edit: **** it - I've named the post.
  14. Late RMP perhaps?
  15. No, he was Cav. Was in Herford before they 'commissioned' him.