Rank Badge Question

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Lepus, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. Auld-Yin

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  2. Bit ironic really since they were accused of bullying at an ATR!
  3. i thought they had just been cleared of drowning the iraqi boy,not bullying.
  4. I suggest you do some research before coming out with false accusations you cnut.


    Good conduct badges in the RN are awarded up to the rank of Petty Officer. A maximum of 3 are given for each 4 year period.
  5. I think he is a Corporal in the Irish Guards = Lance Corporal.
  6. Good Conduct Stripes, we called them G Flog Stripes (dont know why...perhaps someone out there does!)
  7. He is a Lance Corporal, No-one in the Brigade of Guards wears one stripe. 'Corporals' are called Lance Sargeants and wear three.
    And as far as I know Lance Sargeants do not wear Good Conduct Tapes!
  8. Sorry.....Rab was being a mong there.

    How do they earn these things then? Is it only a Brigade of Guards thing?
  9. The complexities of the Guard's rank structure again?
    Its Guardsman, Cpl, Lance Sgt, Sgt, C/ Sgt right? Is there a Wikipedia entry for all this??
  10. No its Guardsmans, Lance Corporal, Lance Sargeant, Sargeant & Colour Sargeant.

    Nothing about rank in the Wikipedia 'Brigade of Guards' Stub



    So Lance Corporal (Not Corporal) wears two chevrons & Lance Sargents (Corporals) wear three

    Nothing hard about it!
  11. good conduct stripes...remember reading part 2 orders back in the 70's (or was it part ones?) like a little, super keen nig was supposed to, and being most shocked to see my name alongside many others, being awarded the inverted chevron to be worn on the cuff of your number 2's (left arm?) ..1 stripe equalled 2 years service, 2 was for 5 yrs and 3 was for feck knows? 7 or 9 i guess? ...but no one in RGJ ever wore them..only the band....probably a CO thing..like our being allowed to wear black capbadges all the time.
  12. Cheers guys