Rank and Pension of Soldiers Killed on Active Service

An Early Day Motion has been put before the House of Commons asking for an anomaly in the rules about Acting rank and widows pensions be resolved.

Early Day Motion [EDM 1053]
Rank and Pension of Soldiers Killed on Active Service

‘That this House, convinced that the courage and devotion to duty of members of the British Armed Forces who are killed while on active service for their country should be recognised and rewarded in every possible way, particularly by the pensions and help given to the families they leave behind , recommends that the Ministry of Defence’s rule providing that pensions on promotion are payable only after the role for the new rank has been held for a year should be revoked for those killed in the service of their country so that their families are paid the rate appropriate to the rank held at the time of death; and considers that the family of Sergeant Matthew Telford of Grimsby, promoted to the rank in June 2009 but killed by an assassin in Afghanistan in November of that year, along with Guardsman Jimmy Major of Cleethorpes and three other soldiers, should be paid the full pension appropriate to the rank he was proud to honour at the time of his death’.

Those of you who feel this is an appalling state of affairs can add their name to the petition supporting thid EDM at


Please forward this link to as many interested people as possible.
That's strange, i was always 'told' that local rank could not be granted on Ops because acting rank was there to ensure that the soldier got the correct pension for the rank held if there was need to do so. Acting rank does not have seniority so surely there is a mismatch here. My SSgt (acting RSWO) was granted acting WO2 for a TELIC tour for this very reason!

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