Rank and Authority within cadets and regular forces

Right something I've always wondered.... do cadet instructors hold the same rank as reg forces, as on a camp two or so years ago, there was a bloke from the g. gueards, and he kept calling one of my colour sgt instructors colour is if he was inferior. Also I have been with the RSM 1LI on numorous occasions and he always salutes my detachment OC, (a lt.). So do cadet instructors with a higher rank than reg forces soldiers have authourity over them? (Ive always looked at cadet instructors as civvys that have been on some course(not that Im much better being a cadet and all!!)) Also, what is the deal with TA and reg forces soldiers, as my bro always slags off TA lt.s for thinking they have more authority over him when he is only a lt. and he has far more experience etc. than them. I dont get how the different parts of HM forces and its affiliates rank within one another. Does anybody know???? HELP!
If the ta soldier out ranks a regular tough its one army isnt it lol .If their the same rank Regular has seniority .Though guess it depends on skills and job that needs doing if we are talking about diffrent cap badges .
Cadet Instructors Don't have authorty over regular or ta troops .But should be addressed as what ever rank they are.I guess the guards consider anyone who isn't guards inferior :lol: . A Cadet instructor who starts bossing soldiers around could end
up on sticky ground imho .
A Colour Sargent is adresses as 'Colour' as in the Regs.With regards to a officer,be them Regs ,T.A or Cadet,you salute the rank,not the person.A Officer holds a commision off the Queen so a salute is recognising that respect to the Queen.You might not like the officer but you still salute the rank.
Dunno about a Senior Ranking Cadet AI having 'power' over a regular or TA Soldier of lower rank,but I'd find it hard to take anything they say/do seriously,Unless they were TA or Ex-Regulars themselves.And then a sort of mutual respect comes into it.
Thats my take on it anyway.


ACF officers are the only members of the ACF who are actually members of the Army, in that they hold Group B TA commissions. Adult Instructors are not members of the Army, but instructors in a youth organisation sponsored by it and so any rank they hold is only valid in the context of the ACF. What this means is that an ACF Adult Instructor has no authority over any member of the Army. ACF officers do hold the Queen's Commission and so should be saluted by other officers junior to them and non-commissioned ranks, but it is highly unlikely that they would ever be put in a position of authority over members of the regular army or TA.


Anyone holding the Queens commission will be saluted and addressed as Sir or Ma'am, by any soldier regular or part time. There is no question here. It is the commission which you salute, which has been bestowed upon that individual by the Monarch.

Any non commissioned cadet instructor who ever tries to pull rank on me will be battered in front of his cadets.

I'm a real Sgt Major and quite a large, bad tempered, violent one at that.
Fair play biscuits.

Providing the cadet officer didn't annoy me - eg didn't try to pull rank I might salute. say for example if I was passing I might throw up a salute. let the little fellow look good infront of his wee chaps and give him some kudos (Is that still a hip word?) If he acted like a cock I'd just leather him.
spike7451 said:
A Colour Sargent is adresses as 'Colour' as in the Regs.
Not all regular regiments/corps do this some insist on Colour Sergeant or Colour S'ar'nt
Even worse is the 16 -17 year old cadet sgt's who try pulling rank, especially over the TA had one little oik give me his informed opinion that he "didn't see the point in the TA not really proper soldiers .............." yawn!!! watched him get beat up the next week after getting blanked from a pub down town, after the bouncers binning his fake ID.

had the joy of telling this story to the junior cadets he fucked around (read bullied)

who says theres no justice in this world
Was on duty a few weeks ago and the local Cadet force came back to place there .22 conv weapons in the armoury, I was busy so they had to wait a while before I turned up with the keys. As I arrived the Cadet SGT started to have a go, jumped up 16 yr old nearly got a mouthful, but i was a good boyand held my cool.
MSI64 said:
Was on duty a few weeks ago and the local Cadet force came back to place there .22 conv weapons in the armoury, I was busy so they had to wait a while before I turned up with the keys. As I arrived the Cadet SGT started to have a go, jumped up 16 yr old nearly got a mouthful, but i was a good boyand held my cool.
I would have asked him " I get paid for this,what's your excuse?" & then maDE sure all was in order before anything went thru the hatch! I was in the mess at Ballymena a while back (the Sgts Mess was being done up so it was all ranks,but the Sgts bit seperated) & i saw a cadet nco push in front of a squaddie like he owned the mess,well,I heard it actually from the safety of the Sgts Mess!
If all of this 'jumped up cadet' stuff is true, I don't know who's put these ideas of superiority in their heads. When I was a cadet, no matter what our rank, we knew our place in the pecking order - so low we could limbo under a millipede - and we'd certainly never try to pull rank on serving adults, whether Regular or TA.


When I was a cadet, I was so low I could limbo under a millipede........whilst wearing a top hat.

Beat that.
I wasn't a cadet. I was in the cubs (like the cadets but harder and with smarter uniforms.) I was so low I could wear stilts and still lick your mums bum.
I remember the very first thing the 2i/c said to us when he was giving us a talk on ranks before we where attested into the OTC (actually I’m paraphrasing); private ==> to be respected, due to experience. (I also remember him briefing us no the procedure encase accidentally anybody saluted us- as if that's ever going to happen).
Any cadet who has ideas above his brassard needs to be either shown the door or a stiff talking to by his/her officers; I know I would have been in my cadet unit. Having said that most of the cadet I have ever met worshiped the ground TA/reg soldiers walked on.

Having said that the OTC ranks are a minefield of confusion. i.e. where does a OCdt Sgt, Cpl, CSM fit in the army rank structure.
DozyBint said:
:roll: My dad's bigger than your dad... :roll: :lol:
you should know. You've had them both.
These stories are fking quality, keep them coming......despite being a cadet, i know my place in the scheme of things, since I go to a jumped up youth club on a wednesday night trying to point the scum of society in the right direction, and you guys, true soldiers....fight for the country. hmmmm........ yeh might go and push in the mess que....well done ...wat a ********!!!
woody. Is that you in the pic?
My bro was telling me stories from when he was at sandhurst, that the platoon sgt's and sgt maj.s had to call the Officer cadets sir, and ma'am, and even so when giving a royal bollocking......"I've seen bigger fridge magnets than you MA'AM", and "Are you gay SIR" made me chuckle...

P.s yes me in the pic...wat an ugly fcuk eh! lol

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