Ranges weekend

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxingmad, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Off to Pirbright this weekend for my first TA range package weekend.

    What should I expect? What should I ideally know?

    Sorry it's a bit late. Any info would be much appreciated.
  2. They might let you fire a rifle
  3. On a serious note. :?

    If it is your first time on a range. Expect to go into the DCCT( computerised range ) first, also groupimg, zeroing and grouping from other positions at 100M. Is roughly what to expect on the first weekend.

    Mind and take Tabasco sauce for improving the Range Stew :wink:
  4. Please ensure that you can close your left eye, and remember that the correct position for the change lever is DOWN - ie R for Repetition.
  5. i remember that happening to someone from my company on my first range weekend so many insturcutors running. os much yelling

    first time on the range

    remember relax take it easy dont worry too much about the grouping it is something that comes with experience and practice just make sure you listen to the command and if in doubt raise your hand and they will calmly explain to you.

    also remember your ear defenders and take sweets or nutrigrain bars to avoid the range stew
  6. Nutter your name suits you Range stew is lovely particularly on a cold day but if you rather eat nutri grain bars crack on .
    Helmet Eardefenders webbing waterproofs warm kit gloves (shooting with them on is debatble but it can get cold on ranges and you wont shoot well if shivering )Learn the marksmanship principles if you apply them you hit the target .The rifle is accurate .Have fun shooting is fun :)
  7. Take every opportunity to use the mobile canteen van..the food at D Lines is bl00dy awful.
    Listen to your coach's instructions and you will shoot better.
  8. the stew is fine

    just mop it up with plenty bread and hold your nose
  9. Out of date; its bloody good stuff nowadays.
  10. Well it wasn't a couple of weeks ago...unless you like your food covered in grease that is
  11. Too late now as you're no doubt away, sweaty has the right idea, maybe, if you're really good you may fire live, failing that just shoot the yanks on the DCCCCCCCT.

    Preparew for the worst & you can't be dissapointed, Tobasco or any Lea & perrins, or the old fav Curry powder!