Discussion in 'Infantry' started by countdokku, Sep 10, 2005.

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  1. Has the "Para-Rangers" unit been set up yet? It was announced months ago, but I have'nt heard anything more about it.
  2. go ask the MOD press office
  3. Bit difficult at the moment. 1 PARA far too busy to retrain into rangers. Currently (but only for a few more days) in Armagh, next stop (2006) Afghanistan with 16 AA, and then, maybe then, a move to Wales.


    PS. Sorry that you haven't heard anything more about it, I must ask the Chief Clerk to put you on the mailing list. :) 8) :)
  4. I should think that its been set up - new CO (RM Col) was appointed in command a month or so ago - assume that he's now waiting for the rest of the unit to join him!
  5. Are u sure? Not getting confused with the SRR at Hereford? Remember SRR and JSFSG are 2 different beasts.


  6. The parade for the new Recce Reg had crabs & matelots as well.

    Also, what will the correct title of the new "Ranger" style unit? We have already had Regiments called Rangers - Rangers (KRRC), Royal Irish Rangers and the Connaught Rangers. Why not leave those units names alone? And lets face it - the US Army Rangers are not all that - most of our Inf Bn's could do the job and better!
  7. I doubt extremely if the word ranger has been banded about anywhere than the dailys

    We are NOT forming a Ranger btn, just reroling a Para Bn to do tasks that the US Rangers do, namely provide INF support to SF. Not sure what I mean. then watch Black Hawk Down.

    I doubt if there will be much retraining as such, just re-direction, oh and spending your life on standby
  8. On the contrary, that is precisely the word being used in 'official' circles - by none other than Defence Secretary and the Chief of the Defence Staff.... As yet, there is still no officially sanctionned name and 'ranger' is the best on offer.

    See the CGS's actual words:-
    See here:- http://www.army.mod.uk/infantry/org_role_loc/the_future_infantry.htm

    And buff-Hoons words:-
    See here:- http://www.parliament.the-stationery-office.co.uk/pa/cm200405/cmselect/cmdfence/45/5011205.htm

    Then there was this wee exchange:-
    See here:- http://www.parliament.the-stationery-office.co.uk/pa/cm200405/cmselect/cmdfence/45/5011206.htm

    So there you have it! From the Prince and Buffoon themselves; "It is an American term which I do not think would import that well" - but what the fekk, we'll use it anyway...

    The JSFSG has been banded around and appeared in the Telegraph, but that's it.

  9. This term "Ranger" is rather un British in this contect. We have a much better word for this type of unit.........

    When the US Army set up theiur raiding units they picked the term "Rangers" from Irregular British light troops formed on the Frontiers. But they only did this because he was copying a British Army unit which had no parallel in US military history. These were the Army Commandos.

    This is crazy. We are borrowing a US term to describe a unit which already has a British name and an honourable history.

    So why not stick to good old British terminology and rename 1 Para as No 1 Army Commando? I reckon they would look good in green berets ;)
  10. Commando was a term you britishers took from the boers(if Im not mistaken) but the role of the commando is not that far from the original Rangers, which was a British cocept that we Septics ran off with.Calling them "Rangers" may be more british than calling them "Commandos".

    Couldn't agree more - particularly because the first para unit was formed from No 1 Cdo during WW2. All this piddling around with names is nothing but "kipple" - BS aiming to confuse and confound.
  12. I think you will find it was No.2 Commando who provided the first men. The unit name then changed to 11 SAS, which in turn changed to The Parachute Regiment.

    I would not like to see 1 Para change their name (but as its my old Battalion I would say that) however, with the tri-service nature of the unit may be 1 SFSG (Para) as an option. Whether the RM and RAF bods have sub unit ID e.g 41 SFSG (Royal Marines Commando) or 2 SFSG (2 Sqn)............all a bit long winded,...........stick with 1 Para, soddit
  13. Certainly Rogers' Rangers were a British irregular unit operating against the French in North America during the Seven Years' war.

    It was Winston Churchill who put the term 'commando' into British military parlance. His experiences in the South African war had impressed him with the mobility, flexibility and individual skills of the Boers and he wanted new units formed with similar qualities. The Boer units were called 'Kommandos', a word meaning, I believe, simply a 'command'. Inevitably, the precise meaning of the unfamiliar term was loosened and it came to be used of individual soldiers and not just of their unit.

    The term 'commando' is today closely associated with the Royal Marines, but it is probably the best name available for the new unit as, IMHO, 'ranger' is now even more closely associated with the US Army.
  14. of course it did, its a tri-service unit :roll:
  15. That fits for commando as well. One my relatives was killed at Dieppe as a Royal Naval Commando.