Rangers jump with New T-11 Parachute

Discussion in 'US' started by Trip_Wire, Jul 4, 2009.

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  1. Trip_Wire

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  2. I jumped the T10 a couple of times in the late eighties. IIRC it had a 44ft canopy, much larger than the canopy of the PX1 mk4. Min jump height was 1500ft. The combination of the larger canopy and an extra 700ft height trebled the flight time from 30 seconds to about a minute and a half and caused us to be spread out all over the DZ. It took forever for the blokes to make the DZ RVs.

    The much slower decent than the PX4 gave you time to enjoy the view and made for a much more comfortable landing. Not great from a tactical perspective when you'd prefer to spend as little time in the air as possible and be in close proximity to your mates once you're on the ground.

    Nice to see them jumping the T11 at 1000ft.
  3. IIRC the lowest jump I did with a T10 was 900ft - less than a minute descent.

    edited: nope, 1000ft according to log and it was an 'assault' on Lippstadt airfield to the amazement of the civvies having a nice coffee/beer in the garden cafe :D happy days
  4. Jump height from a fast mover with a T-10 was 1,250 at jump school, 800 ft tactical training in line units and 500 ft combat. Jump height from a helo was 1,500. (As of 1992)
  5. What's so special about this chute ? is it lighter, smaller ? why reinvent something that has been proven ?
  6. OK, it looks gay but:
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