Rangers into Administration

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by CC_TA, Feb 13, 2012.

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  1. £49 million tax bill - that'll be a few points gone then, bit easier for the other team in Scotland then!
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  2. Oh dear, what a shame, never mind.
  3. Football is for faggots, and should be banned. ******* homos.
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  4. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    how do you run up a 46 mill tax debt ? the buggers chased me for £ 200 squids all over the place !! an i am still paying it off grin
  5. the wives of the west coast of scotland will be getting a shoeing tonight
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  6. Regular Imbiber, the alleged Morton fan, will be raging!

    ps ha ******* ha!
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  7. Celtic fans shouldn't be laughing - if Rangers go down the pan that's the whole Scottish league fucked. Who the ****'s going to pay to watch one team win everything every season?

    Personally I'd piss myself if the 'Auld Firm' collapsed and took the sectarian cesspit that is Scottish football with it.
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  8. Rangers fans loved it when Celtic almost went to the wall in 1994.Even the papers displayed cracked Celtic crests and headstones etc. Peter Lawelll, Celtic chairman says Celtic and the Scottish league don't need them. Either way Rangers won't die in my opinion, mandatory 10 point deduction and will possibly avoid tax bill.

    I genuinely feel sorry for the average bloke who works there as his job but the club were warned about their overspending for years.
  9. I was a Celtic supported since I was a kid, after witnessing the bollocks that goes on off the pitch lets hope the whole league collapses! (To be honest the bollocks that goes on off the pitch has been far more entertaining than the so called 'sport' that goes on on it for a number of years. Good riddance to a shite team, a shite league and the rest of the country that goes with it!)

    At least they've got a decent rugby team to support!

    ...Oh, hang on! :)
  10. As a Morton fan and proud defender of all aspects of Scottish football then I must say that this step by the current regime at Rangers is extremely sad but one they must have taken after much deliberation.

    Clearly,the previous board must be taken to task for their part in all of this and should indeed shoulder much of the blame. If this blame can be recovered financially then all the better for Rangers and Scottish football in general.

    Rangers have always been good to my club, Greenock Morton, in many ways. Among these being loaning us young players,allowing us use of training and medical facilities and indeed purchasing some of our players.

    To "Jimmy's Best Mate": you clearly havent got a clue about Scottish football if you think its a "sectarian cesspit" mate. Try not to believe all you read in the papers mate.

    To dear "Bohs_Man": this situation is quite different than when cellick were hours away from going down the pan in 1994 as well you know.
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  11. 16 year old receives death threats for joining anti-Sectarianism website. In the same story, a third of all religious hate crimes in Scotland are directly related to football.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/13806320 - Old Firm welcome anti-sectarian legislation

    'Sectarianism is worse in Scotland now than NI' - Kilmarnock's manager

    That's before you even consider everything that's happened to Neil Lennon in recent years.
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  12. **** me, only in today's twisted society could such successful club **** up so royally!
  13. Your quite right Ger's fans, media etc IIRC did gloat when the shoe was on Celtic's foot at the time, however Celtic was saved & now it's Ranger's turn, it's no surprise with the economic mine field it's currently in, miss-management & resignations within the Board has'nt aided either.

    Listening to reports on the wireless though, Media reports state that Celtic 'are' gloating that their able to go it alone, if this is true then it's sad to hear this kind of tone, especially for the future of the 'Old Firm' as we know it. which as many will know is currently on a very Rocky road yet some within the SPL circles firmly believe they can carry on regardless of what's happening.

    Let the blame game & gloating begin is all good & well, but it's a sad period for any Scottish Footbal fan when they realise the Bigger picture.
  14. Oh yeah?

    Truth on Sectarianism: Top academic slams sectarian 'scaremongers'