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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by eSeL, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. The Royal Irish Rangers have just come back from annual camp in Florida, and it seems there was attached media as both the Belfast Newsletter & Belfast Telegraph are running features on it (week long in the Newsletter, 2 days in the Telegraph). Though I'm insanely jealous that I missed what seems to be a great camp (thanks Boss)& can see the positive effects for recruitment as it highlights the good points of the camp, I'm a bit disturbed as to the PERSEC implications of the named interviews with young Rangers (including infantry attached females) & SNCO's/Officers alike. Though we're TA, it's all the same to the brave lads in wooly faces.

  2. You didn't see them on BBC1 news last night then? Quite a few faces on that one....
  3. Mad. I wouldn't want my face near any cameras. Apart from the fact I'm no looker, I do part-time work in parts of town were it could land me in a world of pain.
  4. You'll always find that when a unit does something like this the value of showing a local lad/lasses face in the newspaper is a great KAPE tool. Every time i did a deployment /exercise be it Ulster, Bosnia ect I did my up most to avoid getting one's mug plastered all over the pages of the Yorkshire Evening Post. So I suppose its up to the individual if they want there piccy flashed in the paper. Lets face it they'd look a buch of c0cks with blured faces :p
  5. how come its always the TA who get the Gucci overseas camps??

    whats wrong with Otterburn, Warcop and Sennybridge in winter, like regulars get?


    Jealous ? not me
  6. Not everyone in the ta gets gucci camps otterburn,oakhampton and oakhampton again :( doubt they will get any sunshine for a few years after that lucky bar stewards :D .
  7. We were at Otterburn last year - Sh_ithole. Lydd & Hythe later this year to accomodate the yanks.
  8. Don't suppose you could tell me a bit more about Otterburn in a PM could you.. I'm off there VERY soon! hehh thanks :)
  9. The reason the 'TA get all the gucci exercises' is largely because the Regular Bns cannot fill the commitment, and their respective Divs throw it out to their TA colleagues in order to prevent the loss of a valuable training resource.

    For example, there are 2 Belize exercises going begging next year...
  10. On again tonight - looks like a weeklong feature. That rupert bird was awful confident giving out her info like that, saying there's no problem with people knowing what she does 8O
  11. REGULARS do WARCOP?! That place is a dump!! I did Warcop as a CADET!!! WTF?! Surely there must be better places with better facilities to send the regs to?!
  12. Lots of hills, lots of sheep, good training area for both inf and arty. OP13, GR887931, do good chocolate cake and frothy coffees. Also , get the most recent map available due to lots of road works this time last year and vanishing woodlines. Other than that theres not much to tell other than remeber one day you will get back to the real world at some point, where people have five fingers and you won't hear a banjo for miles. As for the warcop comments above , the cham~~y arms, rabbit hunting with shoes and drunken climbing on the wall more than make up for the obvious deficiencies of the camp.
  13. Good girl actually, was at university with her.

    Joys of normalisation, never really been too much of a drama ref the TA and the 'Boyos' anyway.
  14. Surprise surprise. Is the PBI so undermanned and overstretched that they can't fill trg commitments. I leave the Infantry in 2 days' time after 21 years and I have never seen it so overstretched and undermanned! I sincerely hope that the situation rectifies itself soon, for the sake of the next generations of soldiers. :x :x :x :x :x
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