Rangers Future - Killing the Golden Goose?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by loopintheP, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. I can understand Club fans being p*ssed off with Rangers Board but there does seem to be an element of self destruction given that Rangers fans apparently inject £16m pa to the Scot Prem.

    I was at Dundee v St Johnstone last year; decent stadium but half empty which is normally the case less for key Cup games and matches against the Old Firm ie Rangers provide at least some semblance of a bigger stage.

    There must be other solutions than kicking them out of the Scot Prem?
  2. Have them play in the Evo-Stik League Division One North. Not too far to travel & they shouldn't be out of their depth.
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  3. If there is going to be a Team GB without Scotland or NI its a shame. One flag one football league one great team. Speaking as a Scotsman that wasn't so hard to write. Never understood the desperation for seperate leagues. Think of the money it could make.
  4. Now that is speaking as a Scotsman :wink:
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  5. It isn't without Scotland or Northern Ireland, it's just that there were no Scottish or Northern Irish players who made the cut.
  6. witsend

    witsend Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Scottish football was very healthy before Mr Murray came along. Strong Aberdeen, Dundee United, Hearts all playing in euro finals and challenging for the title. Homegrown players and the Scotland national reaching some finals.

    The team formerly known as Rangers changed all that by employing a spending policy which was to take them down the hole they are in now. Many clubs tried to keep up with there spending and spend fortunes on crap (and some good) imports, neglecting and failing to promote homegrown players.

    **** the team formerly known as Rangers and **** their bigoted fans. Scottish society and football would be a far better place if this rancid club never kicked another fitba.
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  7. I agree we have to be and are being punished.... good luck to you all just remember that you wished this and did this to yourselfs. 3rd Div it is, straight back to the SPL and the European ban up, go back to our winning ways with the rest of you all fucked and in debt! Your fans voted no to Rangers.... at least we will have a team to support in 3 years time half of the shitty wee teams wont have to money or the fan base to survive without A: TV that the OF bring in and B: Rangers filling there (for want of a better word) Stadiums!

    At least when we were fucked someone still wanted to buy us.... who the **** is going to save motherwell. aberdeen when the shit hits the fan...there FANS LOL They haven't got jobs to buy seasons tickets or fill there grounds at home games!

    He who laughs first and all that!! Hear that noise?? it is a tree falling in the woods!!!
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  8. And there's why so many other fans in Scotland hate Rangers fans...
  9. Hopefully with Rangers going down the sink & taking away the subsequent millions they inject into the league the spiteful SPL will soon follow into the financial abyss, allowing for more quality football to be aired in its stead at the weekends from The Premiership, La Liga etc.
  10. So it's official, Glasgow Rangers will be playing their football in a mediocre league with poor footballers next season...

    Just like last season.
  11. Rangers didn't seem to give a **** about the rest of Scottish football when they kept on bleating about joining the English Premier League, did they? If Celtic and Rangers had been allowed to play south, they'd have been heading over the border quicker than a Somalian with family in Cardiff.

    So **** 'em, and they horse they pawned to buy a second rate Lithuanian midfielder.
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  12. And, yet, one of the so called "shitty wee teams" managed to turn out an operating profit from last season, not too shabby for a team who average an attendance of less than 6000.
  13. So by turning a small profit the team is a success?
  14. No...that would have been "think of the money you could save"...