Rangers Fans, Disgraceful rip off!!!

I was reading the news on the BBC website and came across this quote with regard to the recent teddy throwing by a load of Rangers fans.

"Some people are really angry. They've spent a lot of money - maybe £4,000 to £5,000 - to come down here for this."

Now either the BBC interviewed a mlaring mongo or some swine is ripping off honest jocks of there hard earned dole money?

Five grand! from Glasgow to Manchester??? WTF?

Correct me if I'm wrong but couldn't you buy large areas of Glasgow and Manchester for 5 large?

I saw a blinder on Reporting Scotland last night, a 'Hun & Son' combo who cheerfuly admitted - on camera - to paying £1,000 each for their tickets, because, "It's worth it, though".

If there is any justice in life, the taxman and Benefits Agency will be all over him like a rash this morning. £1k plus expenses for a bloody game? No wonder the country's going down the tubes.

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