Rangers at serious risk of going under....

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by regular_imbiber, Jun 12, 2012.

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    I am a bit confused by the actions of the Administrators in all this business. I was always under the impression that the Administrators, in this case Duff & Phelps, were in place to ensure the rights of the creditors were paramount (after they had taken their whack) and that they worked to get as much money for the creditors as possible. It seems to me that in the Rangers case the Admins have been working to keep Rangers going regardless of the creditors, expecting those owed huge sums of money just to roll over and let the Administrators sell off the company to a willing and compliant person that they have personally vetted.

    Seems to me that the admins are trying to stuff the creditors rather than work on their behalf. Maybe someone could explain where I am going wrong in my thinking.

    BTW I am not a Rangers fan but to lose Rangers FC from the SPL would cost Scottish football greatly, both in money terms but also in the, albeit very small, amount of credibility we have as a footballing nation.
  3. What central belt-esque, scare mongering pish you speak RI.

    The reason Scottish football is the dire shiite that it is, is purely down to the old firm mafia keeping it a two horse race.

    There is ZERO credibility for Scottish football, it’s a laughing stock. But aye, go on, let the newco Rangers back in to the top flight, that will really give some credibility. Honest to God, its text book Scottishness; “Doomed! We are all doomed without the thieving mongs that have gotten Scottish football in this mess in the first place!”. Aye, ok then.

    Football in Scotland is on it knees and will be finished off a lot quicker if they are allowed in the SPL; who in their right mind is going to support a corrupt league which would be blatantly in place to serve the OF? No one I know, from my own club and others.
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  4. i'm a rangers fan and personally i'd rather see them go down to the 3rd division and come back up but i cant see this happening as most chairmen wont risk the financial hit.

    totally gutted
  5. Auld-Yin, unless it's very different under Scots procedures the role of an Administrator is to try & get a company going again to get the best value for the shareholders, the role of a liquidator is to close it down while getting best value.

    Anyway, are Rangers as good as Paras?
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  6. Then they can reap the repercussion of the last of already apathetic supporters deserting their clubs, celtic fans not travelling to away grounds where chairmen voted yes to newco, and I hope it really cripples the game and there is nothing left to do but a radical change. If the chairmen don’t hold their nerve and show a bit of ambition, then Scottish football is nothing more than sports based entertainment and no one in their right mind will want to pay already extortionate amounts of money to see it, especially during a recession.
  7. It's not known as "EuroDisnae League" for nothing you know
  8. This truly could be the kick *********** that Scottish football has been needing for years!! We ar ecurrently in the feckin doldrums and slowly sinking faster than the bloody Belgrano! It's about time someone took us by the balls and made radical changes to the way that Scottish football is structured.

    1. The Blazeratti, get rid of all the different sections and become one governing body responsible for all matters football in Scotland, currently we have SFA,SFL,SPL,SJFA,SAFA,SAWFA,SWPL and on and on.
    2. Restructure of the league system to incorporate all levels in a new pyramid system that will enable all teams at alll levels to compete in all competitions at some stage. This will also include provisions for teams to achieve promotion to the top levels of football in the country.
    3. Invest in training facilities and coaches for all, this is being introduced slowly at the moment.

    I am sure that I could come up with more to say but that's it for now.

  9. The SPL need a kick up the backside in this situation, their only shooting themselves in the feet here & the old Firm has been focused for so long on the Commercial aspect for so long & I'd like to see how the SPL expect to promote the League in the same way.

    Revenues have already been poor due to mismanagement of tv rights etc, I'm getting the impression the HMRC are using RFC as an example & escape goat into one & send a clear message to other large clubs, the whole situation is a complete fiasco.

    It's yet another sad episode in the Scottish Football saga of which their demise is increasing the longer a pragmatic resolution is avoided.
  10. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    The absolutely will. After all, the reason the SFA's really in the shit is that all, and mean all, their top officials spend all their time surfing arrse. Biscuits_AB is actually Stuart Regan. PM him.
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  11. BB, It was said tongue in cheek but thanks for heads up, I'll nip along the corridor and slap him into logging on¬¬¬
  12. HMRC acting like *****? That's up there with, "Rugby player drinks beer: shocker.":roll:

    HMRC were looking to make an example of a football club and Rangers, with their combination of corruption and appalling financial stupidity, were the easiest target. Now the rest of the clubs will fall into line.

    The SPL is fucked. The only thing worse than a two horse race is a one horse race, and they may as well just tell Celtic, "Hand the Trophy back in three or four years, boys." Without at least a credible challenger to Celtic's domestic dominance, TV and sponsorship will disappear faster than an Italian infantry regiment at the sound of gunfire.

    I know this is very difficult for Celtic fans to understand, since the vast majority suffered emotional trauma after years of violent sexual abuse at the hands(and other body parts)of their local Priest and so are conditioned to hate the Huns - but Celtic and Rangers simply cannot survive without each other. It's a perfect symbiotic relationship.

    The only potential upside of all this is that it might provoke a few of the more extreme Rangers fans, especially those across the water, to have a complete sense of humor failure and start mailing rather bulky parcels to HMRC head office or Parkhead...

    Loyalist psychos vs HMRC and Celtic? No Humans Involved, I'll get the beers in.^_^:twisted:
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  13. **** 'em. Hamilton 'Accies' all the way!
  14. Who? ;-)