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Having any subject matter to do with the oirish toy soldiers, on a British Army website is a disgrace.
For forty years, the brave oirish toy army sat on their hands, and allowed terrorists safe sanctuary all around them. While those same terrorists murdered soldiers, police officers and men, women, children and even unborn children in Northern Ireland, Great Britain, Germany and elsewhere.
The so-called ranger wing did no different. The hands of every member of the oirish defence whatevers, who stood by on the side lines for forty years, will always be covered in blood.

No doubt some apologist will make some snide moronic remarks in response.
But you cannot whitewash history. As much as oirish republicans would like to try.
Sixty-six million Brits will never forget. Neither will the one hundred and forty million
people of the British diaspora, spread right around the world.
Interesting viewpoint.

There is clearly some (albeit limited) interest on this site on Irish military affairs.

As there is on other nations militaries (US, Aus; NZ; SA…etc).

Aside from that…

Could the Irish have done more during the troubles to help tighten the boarder region?

Almost certainly.

Was it ever possible to close down the border regions fully?

Highly unlikely given it’s nature and certainly not without severely restricting cross border movement. This is also on the assumption the two sets of security apparatus were willing to work in unison - which would have been highly unlikely given the prevailing political mood at the time.

If they had decided to attempt to jointly shut down the region, the resulting impact on the lives and livelihoods on both sides, would almost certainly have created huge civil unrest. The ensuing own goal would (based upon precedent) have been a welcome recruiting/propaganda tool for the provisionals; not to mention their funding campaigns in the US where there is a strong Irish diaspora.

Thankfully these days there seems to be far more cooperation between policing and intelligence services of UK/NI and Ire to mitigate the threat posed by the ‘new pretenders’ - regardless of the fact the political mood between govts is in the gutter. The appointment of an ex-RUC/PSNI assistant chief constable to the head of the Irish police may have something to do with that.


I appreciate what I perceive is your attempt to introduce balance into what many would read as an attack in words, by me.
If I were a smart ass. I might quip that I'd bet that that book is amongst the shortest books ever written.
I didn't include the AGS in my remarks. From living in RoI and witnessing many, many Gardai on duty, I know they were and still are largely a shambles, lacking in professional leadership and professional standards. I would accept that amongst the AGS, there were many with the same motivations to serve, as had their counterparts north of the border. First and foremost, to protect self (according to the rules) but in reality often to protect civilians of the WHOLE community above self.
It will be interesting to see, how much a former RUC officer, can influence change, as Commissioner of AGS.
We could trade statistics until hell freezes over. I would throw in, the three hundred and twenty RUC officers murdered by republican terrorists. Many, if not the majority, murdered when out of uniform and with their family. I could throw in the ten thousand RUC officers injured. If that means physically. I would add to that, every member of the RUC who served between the late sixties and late nineties, the overwhelming majority of whom, carry severe mental scars in the form of PTSD and associated illnesses. That must amount to tens of thousands. Add their families to that number and then add their dependants who also had to deal first hand with the mental and physical fallout and you start to get into the very approximate ballpark of the numbers who suffered, the vast majority of whom will never receive treatment, any form of compensation or any form of thanks.
The RUC was thrown under the bus by the politicians of the time and by Patton and that continues to this day.
Do you know that any evidence that the RUC ever existed is banned from all PSNI property.
With deference to the sacrifices made by British Army soldiers, sailors and airmen during The Troubles and respect for their sacrifice, I mention but don't include them in this conversation.

In my honest and deeply held opinion. The response to The Troubles on both sides of the border amounts to this. North of the border, there were a few bad apples. However, most of those who served, did so to protect the whole community at great cost to themselves.
South of the border, there were a few good men, who tried to do the right thing, but who were vastly outnumbered by those who didn't care, or ignored what went on all around them, or who actively colluded with terrorists to murder and injure as many fellow human beings as possible, just a few miles away.

Without that collusion and the sanctuary provided by those south of the border, The Troubles would not have unfolded as it did. That terrorist campaign by those same terrorists continues to this day.

Any time a Garda lost his life on duty. There was a national outcry right across the Republic of Ireland. Every time an RUC officer was murdered, all you could hear was the deafening silence
from across the border.

On the subject of the Ranger Wing and their acknowledgement here. What makes me laugh, is that every one of the shiny action photos posted here are of these so-called elite soldiers training.
None are taken in a theatre of conflict with rounds coming from the other direction.

Contrast that to the millions of photos taken of British Army soldiers in conflicts, just since the second world war. Contrast those shiny posed pictures above, with the many, many YouTube clips of British Army soldiers in Iraq 1 & 2, Afghanistan 1 and all the other opposed operations, showing them often fighting for their lives in remote outposts, cut off from supply or reinforcement.

I am a middle of the road kind of guy. I love this island. Both parts of it. My family history exists, deep in both sides of the border with RoI, GB and beyond. I know life is shades of grey and not black and white. I acknowledge that many, many people reading my words, will not agree with them.

However, I find it deeply offensive that the people or organisations who so recently did nothing to prevent the murders of so many British citizens are given space here, of all places, to boast about what great tin warriors they are.


You can always not read the threads involved or leave the site, no one is making you read them or stay…

I’m sure that there are more than a few people on here who were involved directly and they’ve not complained.
The IDF did a lot more in the nature of counter terrorist operations than is known.
I remember several IDF lads on British Army courses in the late 70s-early 80s, they were grand lads, very professional and extremely anti terrorist.
Apart from the scum, Republican and Nationalist, I rather like the Irish, even though I did more tours in the Province than I can shake a stick at.