Ranger wing video on youtube

Kudos for digging out blind with the pictures. Are you an ex member or just showing the usual suspects on here that the ARW doesn't use spud guns and they are SF ?
Genuinely no...despite my well earned reputation around here for being an ******** shit poster this thread is 100% a sincere look into the unit....nothing beyond that.
Lessons identified
Ah, and yes, they needed a mother cow for the little ones, the Ford SRV will be replaced soon so we'll see where we go vehiclewise from there...my hunch is they'll want something beefy like the VAMTAC 5 SOV, Arquus Sherpa or the Supacat.
so how would the indiscriminate use of weapons against non-combatants in built up areas aid anyone?

Have you ever heard of FIBUA in empty cities ? Falluja without arty, how many more US KIAs?

In Vietnam the US tried this option in Hué. 216 US KIAs, over 1,500 US WIAs.

Those that are the main culprits never sign such treaties that are virtue signalling PR exercises led by nations that never engage in real combat operations.

What's next ? Maybe Austria could ask for a ban on submarines as it has no navy....

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