Range stew

Apart from the obvious crap found in a range stew ie what was supposed to be breakfast, has anyone found anything really abnormal?
once on a jolly day on the ranges I found, to my utter disgust a huge crack in the Norge of tea that we drinking and out of it was seeping quite a lot of,possibly years worth of range stew!Now not being one to turn down a hot brew,even from the Slop Jockeys! down it went! Much to the detriment of my bowels, for some reason a day on the ranges doesnt seem to have the same appeal!
Bassingbourne 1985.... barton road range APWT a mouse was found in the stew.... and the Queens man ate it too!! Had no choice as the Pl Cmdr was a WOII and a evil dastard at that. Should have kept his trap shut.
Ha ha...... Id give it a go!
I remember one lad (in basic) hated range stew sooo much he used 2 bury it, pour it into other peeps pockets or force some one else to eat it... didnt help that we had a bastad platoon commander "made" us eat it.. and there was nothing else on offer to! "It's only fuel"
they've started to feed us range pasta which is rather nice

the range stew in albania was brown water with gristle. the food was so bad our albanian drivers went on strike! at least we came back from camp looking a bit trimmer (except the qm staff funnily enough. where did the boxes of mars bars get to I wonder?)
Mind you I have seen the trend go towards spicy range pasta too! A lot nicer considering they've just swapped the potatoes for pasta shapes and whacked some herbs and spices.
You ever served with the Gurkas? Was on exercise with them a few months ago. They use one norgie for their gopping curry, give it a token rinse out then put hot water into the same one to make brews with! Have you ever tasted curry flavoured tea? It's foul.


A certain unamed numpty in c coy 1st bn the light workshy decided that caustic soda would be great for cleaning norgies. true the tea bomb had never looked so clean, C*nt forgot to rinse well and all of B coy went sick (I think it was them after us on that ex!) Unlucky!

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