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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Holdfast, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. As any one else spent time with RSSG in BATUS? :D
  2. spent enough time on safety staff....but the RSSG...surely only a fortunate few have had the privelidge of staying out in Batus for that long?
  3. It got me away from the bitch at least, and I enjoyed myself. :lol:
  4. I did 6 months as 6f a few years back, most enjoyable.

    Funny thing was, even though I had done a few Med Mans by that time, it wasnt til I was in a red top that I saw the big picture (obviously you know whats meant to be going on, but looking through the commanders letterboxes doesnt really fuel the imagination from the bottom of dead ground!!! Having been on the crew/commanded 5 python shoots out there, it was on safety that I asked 6 if the smoke barrage was a new thing-he just looked at me as though I was stupid and said that it was normal for all M.M's! I couldnt be arsed to explain to him how little battlefield you see from our tanks
  5. I did my stint as 62, most enlightening. :D
  6. I was there in Mar - Jun '89. I was sent there as a Section Comd :? When I was in fact a Spr. I was then put in a GD section (four of us) doing route denial, minefields, craters (using @200lbs of PE at a time) booby traps (all in soviet style) etc for the next four months. What a fantastic time that was :D It was all brought back to me today when I saw one of the RCT (now RLC) drivers who was in the 6 group walking around the barracks this morning :)
  7. I was out there doing BATSIMS a couple of years ago. Some really long hours hours were put in. I think the worst thing was the mossies. You'd got to set up at dawn for a day exercise and you'd getten bitten to fcuk then because you'd be the only two people around and the same would happen when you went to set up for the evening exercises! The Longhorn is a top bar. At $6 (approx £2.50) for 3 pints you can't complain.
  8. funny enough...so did i :) stepped up into 63's(i think) shoes...quite hairy trying to follow recce around the place lol :twisted:
  9. There's nothing like trying to keep up with Challys, Warriors and Scimitar cross country in a clapped out 110 landie! BRACE, BRACE, BRACE
  10. 'Hello <insert 6 callsign>... Backdoor'


    Only place ive powerslidden a Bedford.. coming down Rattlesnake..

    Good times. I'd go back in a shot!
  11. Had an excellent 11mths out there 96/97, still trying to wangle another journey. By all accounts the town is still the same although rumours that Teasers/Cheaters has now closed down, but hey the Sin Bin will never change. Sunday mornings in "Smitty's" in the mall was always a giggle to see who had trapped the most horrid crocodilopig the night before.

    'Hello <insert 6 callsign>... Backdoor'

    That phrase makes me chuckle, even now. :D
  12. Then watching them get out and pick up all the PE etc!! :lol: :lol: :twisted:
  13. I was out there in 97 as well..
  14. I was 66E in 97'
    6 months leading up towards Xmas.
  15. I take it you must be a fitter. Either that or a knocker trying to improve his credibility/repuation by hanging around with planties.