Range Quals

My memory escapes me;

While in the UK I was qual'd to run FF Stage 5 ranges and also warrior and integrated ranges. I'm in the process of transferring my quals - can anyone tell me the codes for these range quals? Clearly I've misplaced the cse report and fancy certificate!

SA (A) 90 & ????

If you hold SA(A)90 having been awarded it on a SASC course either at Brecon or TAG (G). Then the range qualification you hold is RAR(A)90

If you completed the RAR(A)90 course either at Lulworth or TAG(G). However they only allow you to be competent, current and qualified in the UK Army.

If you was a foreign student you only got awarded a attended qualification.
Thanks mate. I've applied to tfr these quals, although the RAR(A) 90 will be pretty much useless over here; despite spending 3 turgid weeks in Sennedrama with a SASC DPM Spacehopper from Liverpool!

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