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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by metzger2102, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. can anyone help with any numbers to ring about getting Range Qauls!! or DIN No etc cheers
  2. you could directory MOD operator and get the number for the Small Arms School at Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Strensall.

    The dates wil also be losted in the lastest course shcedule found on the intranet

    Dont hold your breath trying to get the SA(B)90 qual , heavily oversubscribed, tried to get one of our guys on it ...5 applications and never makes it to the list. The unsuccessful nominations are alwayts about 4-5 pages long
  3. cokecan cheers for info buddy nice 1
  4. Don't just give up with just Strensall.

    Try Brecon and Senelager, sometimes works.

    Edited for too much giving :oops:
  5. If you try applying for RMQ (1-3) the courses as stated are very over subscribe. However, there isn't many takers for the All Arms Skill At Arms package (AASAA) and you would also get the 'e' qualification.
  6. Blob, the last one at Brecon had over 40 reserves!

    AASAA that is.
  7. Blimey...how things have changed since my course :)
  8. Yes they now have Magazines not ramrods :)
  9. boom, boom, tooosh
  10. Apparently here all week aswell................. :wink:
  11. i Thank you......... :clap:
  12. Get youreslf a posting to a Depot, they will have you on a course quick as anything. I am sure depot instructors have priority on AASAA courses.