Range Qual question fro nay SASC on here

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by 570mils, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. A *cough* while ago I qualified as SA(A)90 whilst participating in the Other Arms Officers and Warrant Officers Training Officers course. Possibly the course with the longest title.

    Now, at the time of qualification the rules said, Stay in as a Reg the qual remains valid but if you leave the service your qualification lapses after 2 years. So far I am happy and can understand this part.

    Now I left the service and became a civvy, or so I thought. I was transferred to the RARO, hence technically still in the Army but not active.

    Some years later I joined the TA and was posted, not joined to my current unit. Surely if I was posted after transfer from the Reserve to an active Type A TA Commission I could not have left the Army, technically.

    My question now and for those knowledgeable SASC types is where does this leave my quals. I have never left so what rule changes have happened that may affect the qual. I do not have a current copy of Pam 21 to hand so can't look it up myself.

    Any sensible answers appreciated although sarcastic ones may be treated in the usual way.

  2. Dont know the answer to your question but have a up to date Pam 21 if you require one
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I looked up Pam 21 last night on this issue after it arose on another thread.

    The answer is that Pam 21 is still as you have quoted, and does not give any more guidance! No help on that one I'm afraid, try the SASC at Brecon as they control the courses and may have the answer.
  4. Have Pam 21 infront of me now for a RASP and just looked up your query and still cant shed any light to help you. Sorry. Only thing I can suggest is contact SASC at warminister they have always been a big help in the past
  5. Speak to the SO3 Trg Safety in HQ SASC, Warminster. He is the font of knowledge for all things to do with Pam 21 & Range Quals.
  6. The answer you are likely to get from the Salisbury Area Social Club will be the same as they tend to give on most occasions and will most likely include the words 'current and competent'
    For the TA the man you need to speak to is Major Bob S****r from the SASC(V), the first thing he'll ask is not when you qualified but when was the last time you used the qual, and probably suggest you plan and conduct under supervision the first couple of ranges to prove to your self and your unit that you are still up to speed.