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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by opsmeister, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. Assorted experts....

    Late in my career and utterly unexpectedly I have been jiffed with running a range (the only Infantryman in an office full of Bleeps). With it being over 15 years since my RMQ at PCD and at least 8 years since I have run a range I was hoping somebody may have a nice, ready to go Range Letter template, complete with Annexes covering all the new fangled stuff (Health and Safety really wasnt a concern in 93!).

    Please get in touch if you can help.

    Many thanks in advance!
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    The guidance on range work is that the RCO and safety staff be qualified, current and competent. I would question whether you would be deemed to be after an 8 year gap. I am not saying that you would be unable to run it safely - I am sure you could. The issue would be if you had any form of accident/incident whilst RCO, the LAIT team would probably take a dim view of it, and may well view it as a contributing factor.

    I would suggest it is well worth going back and pleading your case and asking for support from an outside unit who have an RCO who is current/competent - especially if the firers are Siggies! :D
  3. ahh yes, the 2nd pull is always lighter than the 1st! 8O
  4. I agree with the duke, you have to cover your arrse in the event that there be an incident of some sort, as YOU will be held to account as well as any individuals concerned.

    It would do no harm for you to contact SASC in Brecon who will be happy for you to do some sort of refresher training in RMQ. Im sure it would only be for a few days to enable you to get a tick in the box.

    As you have not run a range for so long, im not sure if even having someone who is current and compitent will be enough to cover you, it would be best for you to contact SASC by phone and have a quick word.

    Better safe than sorry.
  5. RASP (Range Action and Safety Plan) the layout and minimum contents can all be found in Pam 21 (also available electronically so copy and paste away) and as long as you do your recces, read up on Pam 21, AOSP vol 1, and conduct your range in accordance with the rules and regulations laid down in Pam 21 and local range standing orders you will be fine.
  6. No offence to teh OP...

    Given that you refer to it as a Range Letter, sort of gives away how out of touch you are.

    Get in touch with another unit, and see if they can provide a suitable RCO, or ask the local SASC guy for the Range. You may find that with a quick read of your RASP (see above) and a quick (advisory) visit to your range you become current and up to speed again.

    Have you no other RMQ or SAA bods? (If no SAA how do you conduct WHTs?) You could be the Co-Ord Officer with someone else handing the actual range on the day.

    Don't for fcuks sake try to cuff it.... you can lose one hell of a lot if it goes wrong (pension, rank, job, someone elses life....

    I would think more of a bloke (even a track pad) to turn around and say "I am no longer able to perform this task" than to try to cuff it. That's why I don't do CBRN... because I am an NBC Asst Instr.