Range days II

It was another range day in basic and we were off to our first firing with the Sterling and the Browning Hi-Power.

None of us had any problems at all with the Sterling and we all spent a happy morning “inadvertently” flipping the safety all the way down and letting off burst after burst (did anybody ever notice how the letters on the safety on the Sterling were arranged A-R-S? Which sort of summed thing up nicely, I thought).

After din-dins, we were to try out the Browning for the first time. However, in those days there was none of this two-handed, crouching caper. We had to stand side-on to the target, with our shooting arms at full stretch and the other hand in our skies. It looked very much like everybody had rocked up for a gentlemanly duel at dawn. I was almost tempted to say to the target: “Alright, old chap, when you’re ready.”

To accustom us to the pistol, we were all given a full mag (actually 10 rounds instead of 13) and told to fire one group at the head and on at the heart in our own time. With some, this took a little longer, for they were surprised by the viciousness of the kick and the pistol went flying backwards over their heads. It was then that I realised why all the NCOs were standing well to the side instead of behind us.

We were ten yards from the targets and any hits were easy to see and thus count. I didn’t have to do much counting, for I’d only hit the target three times. Three hits from ten rounds at ten yards! I just couldn’t believe it. All those years of diligently practising a fast draw with my trusty cap gun had been for nothing! I remember looking down aghast at the empty pistol in my hand and thinking to myself that my best bet would probably be to rush the enemy and batter the fücker to death with it.

However, we did improve with practice. :D :D :D

Did anybody else have initial problems with pistols?


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