Range days I

Range days. Weren’t they wonderful?

About three weeks into basic, our troop was on the ranges firing SLRs prone five-rounds-in your-own-time groupings at 200 yards. I’d only loosed off three shots, when I heard a scream from my right that would’ve cleared Trafalgar Square of pigeons in seconds. Glancing over in alarm, I saw that Chip (for t’was he) was about three feet off the ground and still practically horizontal in the air. No mean feat when you’re lying on your guts.

He proceeded to dance around and holler like a Dervish on PCP, all the while tearing berserkly at his clothing, as the NCOs rushed along the line with very concerned looks on their grids and the rest of the troop gawked in awe. This is it, I thought, the continued frustration of being unable to get the hang of marching has finally driven him bananas.

I was desperately trying to think what I could say to him; how, or whether, I could even help him at all now that he'd finally dropped his rag, when a spent case dropped from under his combat jacket onto the ground and he sighed with relief.

Most people who’ve fired an SLR know the feeling when a spent case from the man on your left pings off your barrel. It’s normally no big deal. But sometimes the extractor-claw doesn’t grip the case quite right and gives it a slightly altered trajectory. My third case had ejected right onto the back of Chip’s neck and as he rose in pain and panic, it had fallen down the back of his shirt. Everybody knows that, although the cases only spend a second or two in the chamber, they get really fückin’ hot!

Poor old Chip had a blister in the shape of a 7.62 x 51 mm case on the back of his neck and a couple of smaller ones in the small of his back. And even though it must’ve been painful, I laughed me arrse off.

not entirely on topic,but i remember a certain sergeant giving one of the lads a dressing down during n.i. training for n.d.ing unloading in the pit only for the fool to do it in tin city the following day!!!fcuking classic! :D
The mischevious little fcuker who thinks it's funny to change all the change levers on the A2's whilst the troops are up at the targets checking the group size......

And every fcuker fired on auto. Tut, tut.
We had a RAF Aircrew type doing his shoot with his Walther.Tw@ was trying to fire it like a cowboy.All you heard was a load scream as he dropped the pistol!Top slide had only taken off the top of his thumb at the wrist!
Slightly bigger, firing at least 3 boxes through the CVR(T) co ax then your driver using as a support, not for long mind, to get into his hatcth.
DCCT range, ex-tankie(allegedly) fires the rifle left handed, cue bust lip and his front tooth knocked out and him never to be seen again after that night.

Muppet, but we did laugh.

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