Range Conducting Notes

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by wellyhead, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. Does an official set of these exist ? I was under the impression they would be in the likes of PAM 21 or AOSP but have drawn a blank. All I have found is a note that they are contained in the RASP but all it has is a title.

    The LF practices in the ASOP PW have the detail, what I am talking about is the scripts you read out on the point

    I have some old examples, possibly cuffed, but would have thought, the military being the military, that such items would be properly documented somewhere

  2. Going back a bit but I seem to recall having to draft them yourself as long as the wording was in accordance with the PAM. No doubt it's all changed since they got rid of slingshots tho'.
  3. The detail of each practice is in the the AOSP including the actual words of command. The explanation of the practice based on that detail and the command and control of the firers and supervisors is down to you, and will be partly based upon their state of training, familiarity with the shoot and any relevant local range orders.
  4. Not really an official set but the RTC's that teach the RMQ courses have a generic example set that they issue to the students.

    You could try getting a set of those.

  5. Thats what I am looking for, the words of command, but the AOSP only seens to have the LF Practice details, that is range, ammo, positon etc

    not "With a magazine etc"
  6. Funny enough thats what I'm doing, they did give out a sample (out of date) RASP with LF9 but thats it
  7. There is no 'Official' set the AOSP1 2010 amdt 1 contains the details of each practice, you can if you want just use these details or extrapolate the information to create your own personal notes note the word personal, it's like writing the RASP, it helps you to understand the whole process of what is needed.

    As to the "Load" etc you have been on ranges before so have a knowledge of what is said where.

    BTW what else would they load with? although you could quantify it "with a magazine of 25rounds...LOAD"
  8. I think you're expected to work that out for yourself. Besides as RCO, you should be watching the firers, supervisors, range, the console as well as looking at your notes for the next practice. You should not have you head buried in a nirex folder reading a script, except when you are reading out the detail of a practice. Besides you know the words already. Its just a matter of practice.
  9. You generaly know them yourself. Obviously the shoot is set out for you in the AOSP. But you should realy know the words of commands for each step.
  10. Correct but as already mentioned the conducting notes are an annex to the RASP so you need to have a set written out.
  11. Cheers, had the niggling feeling it would involve even more bloody typing
  12. Got told on my skillys that they are a personal thing and you cant write what the fcuk you want, as long as the shoot is safe, understandable and the detail gets across.

    Remeber BUTT FLAG UP/DOWN and ONE/TWO SHORT RINGS on gallary ranges!

    I may have some of the practices you require, drop us a PM with your email, the LF and type of range and i'll see what i can find.