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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Yorkshire_Warrior, May 24, 2007.

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  1. Does anybody have a copy of a blank range card? I have one but only as a filled in example. I am looking for the same one, but blank. I have attached the type of range card i'm after, if not any will do.



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  2. cant you just edit the card that you have just shown...i mean by edit and clear all the writing and such of then print it and back it onto cardboard paper lol....just a idea
  3. Good point, if thats what your after, whack it in paint or photoshop and just paint over the writing in white, jobs a good un.
  4. tried one of these?

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  5. or alternatively, print out the one you have, get the old tippex out then scan it back in

  6. tried all of that, but end up with bits missing and out of line where the bits were before, and looks crap.

    Cheers anyway

  7. I was bored :roll:
  8. You must have been
    :D :D
  9. Cheers butler, and everybody else
  10. just a touch up of whats been done all ready lol

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  11. the one on the compo box is always a good one..
    you can eat the boiled sweets while looking for the crayons to colour it in..
  12. Me too...

  13. Can any one explain what setting the Ray is and why you have to fold the card when setting you obstacles etc. How is this done ?