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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by madmakem0511, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. Hi all

    I have recently moved into a platoon sgt's job at a depot and the platoon i took over from didn't have a range box with the platoon stores, i have looked all over the place for a wooden box but can't get one big enough or for a few quid, seeing as i am pump at DIY, i thought i would ask on here. Answers on a postcard would be very much apreciated
  2. No ammo boxes available? how about a heavy duty plastic tool box from Homebase/B&Q type places?
  3. i have got hold of an 81mm ammo tin, but not practical enough to get all the bloody pamplets and kitchen sink needed on range and exercise days. I looked at large tool box but not prepared to shell out £40 on a box.
  4. H3

    H3 LE

    Enough space maybe !!

    Contico 1324GYRD 28in Storage Box - 91 Litre - Power Tools Direct

    Or possibly go down to your local Out of town shopping area where you'd find stores such as Next , River island , Debenhams etc ..... their deliveries come in tuff plastic boxes c/w lids that just get put to one side , I was walking from the parking area the other day at my local site and they were all out at the rear of these shops , you could ask !!!
  5. Why not get one of the green plastic ones that they have in the stores. You know. The ones with no carrying handles, just a lip that two sprogs can barely get their finger nails under when having to carry it from 600 to 100 point on a range day.

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  7. err........I know I'm in a different army, but, if no range box, can't you request one through stores? Now, before the insults start, yes, the same here in the Oz army the Q-wallahs do take a lifetime to get anything, but FFS a range box.

    Flame shields UP.
  8. Good luck with that, Shops usually alloted a set amount of Totes for their deliveries and get charged through their companies systems if they return less than they recieve.
    They do ask for them to walk though, they way they are stored outside for collection. If you take them, be in no doubt its theft, we have had several arrests at various stores where I work of people taking them. Caravan utilising Nomadic types like to take them in bulk as do Guys who do small scale removals.
    Though they are stored outside of the store, they are still within the stores or shopping centres boundries.
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  10. i like it....funny
  11. Grumblegrunt

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    ask the council for another recycling box as theyre free
  12. Or perhaps see the CQMS and get a weatherproof, lockable, metal box (a battle box) through the system? There should be one there for the company.

  13. SQMS should have a few issue steel boxes size about 1m x 0.8 x 0.6 which is what we we used.
  14. Use 2. One for Immediate i.e 1st Aid, radios etc and the other for the admin etc junk.
  15. You are kidding me, our stores here are useless i can barely get cleaning kit off them, i asked for a stationary pack the other day to get told that we can't have anything til after the new year. the place is a joke they expect you to do the job with the minimum of kit, as per usual