Range 1 levels 1- 9???

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by illbeamonkeysoon, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. Good Morning,

    I am currently researching my future career and have come across the following page:


    and it states I will be promoted to lance corporal class 3 upon completion of phase 2 training. I am just confused as to how this rank falls into the rates of pay table on the army website? I did have a link set up to it but it didn't work. If anyone has trouble finding the table but can tell me what salary a L/Cpl class 3 gets that would be great too!

    Thank you in advance.

    Edited due to dodgy link.
  2. Your link dosen't work.

    However: L/Cpl is the rank above private but below Cpl.
  3. As a newly promoted Lcpl from phase 2 training, you will be earning £57.08 if you are a higher range trade or £48.65 if you are a lower range trade.

    I'm assuming that you will be a Level 1 (or at the outside Level 2) Pte when you finish your phase 2 training, so your in for an excellent pay rise if you successfully pass your phase 2 and receive your promotion. From level 1 pte to Level 5 Lcpl on the higher range will mean a pay rise of £19.09 per day (based on current pay scales, which change again in April). If you achieve this, cherish it - its the best on you will ever get.
  4. no i will be a L/Cpl class 3 at the end of phase 2 trg. Does anyone know what that equates to in terms of yearly wonga???
  5. well, you're off on the right foot for being a monkey - not bothering doing any proper research into facts, and not listening to people telling you things...

    as boney_m already explained quite clearly, you will be a LCpl on completing phase 2 training. i am sure monkey is an upper pay scale trade (god knows why :)) so you will be on £57.08 a day, or £20,834.20 a year. you are getting confused in terminology - you will be a LCpl, Class 3, on Upper Band, Level 5.

    if you look at the attached link you can peruse the pay to your heart's content.


    i'll stand by to be told i'm wrong like boney_m though. and then "fall down stairs" on the way to the cells :)
  6. yes i was confused with BM's explanantion (BM thanks for your swift reply and apologies for my ineptness), CR thank you for explaining the terminology to me.

    My AFCO informed me RMP was on the lower pay band, has this been changed to the higher one now? From when?
  7. monkey juniors go onto higher pay band as of 01 Apr 06.
  8. think the pay recategorisation was granted to reflect their increased aptitude in amending statements, coupled with an admirable ability to turn a Nelsonian blind eye to the wrong-doings of any of their colleagues ;)
  9. CRmeansCynicalRambler??
  10. nice one sprog. down and give me 50 :)
  11. illbeamonkeysoon wrote

    NO he's just telling the truth
  12. A_Knocker_Till_The_End- you must be CR's secret admirer, good luck with that...... :)
  13. I am not doubting any of the fact and figures above but a £20Kplus salary for some one who has only been in the Army for 6 months seams a lot.
    I can understand why RMPs need to wear rank straight after their training but couldn't they be given local rank and be paid a more appropriate salary as a Pte.

    Illbeamonkeysoon this looks like a good deal to me, I can’t think of any other army career path that gets you that much cash so quickly.
  14. are you taking the pish? how about the other jobs where you get a stripe straight out of training e.g. int corps etc
  15. CR

    I stand by what I said

    'I can’t think of any other army career path that gets you that much cash so quickly'

    RMP phase 2 is only 21 weeks long. I think the int corp cse is longer.